Exciting developments!

As any writer knows, getting published is a long and tricky process which takes time, determination and tenacity. Although I have managed to get many of my articles published, there are times when I've had to really dig deep to find the resources to cope with endless rejections, or most often no response at all. I've always believed that persistence is key however and it also helps if you are extremely stubborn, which I am!

This mindset has served me well and recently I've had a break from tumbleweed in my inbox with the acceptance of a new article pitch.

I'm going to be featured in a US magazine called You and Me, which publishes personal medical stories of an unusual nature. If you have read my 'work in progress', you'll know I've been living with the rare blood disorder Cyclical Neutropenia since 1998. For once, my difficult health circumstances have provided me with something useful, a juicy tale to tell and the opportunity to raise awareness of the illness.

I'm very excited to see the article published and will link to it as soon as it's live.

Hope you are all doing well and see you next time!


#illness #publishing #writing #neutropenia #youandmemagazine

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