The 90's Blazer

Recently, I've been coveting all things retro and have been getting a little bit vintage happy on the old Ebay. One of the pieces I picked up was this rather marvellous 1990's Libra red and black blazer with super charming red and black buttons. At £5 it was a mega-steal and even with £3.50 postage on top it was still excellent value for what turned out to be a well-made blazer in excellent condition with no nasty bygone whiffs emanating from it's past-era fibres.

It hangs upon the form beautifully, thanks to the shoulder pads which of course, I have NOT removed. It pains me greatly to see bloggers and YouTubers ripping out shoulder pads from their vintage finds. Each to their own of course, but for me the shoulder pads are the best bit. So what if I'm already tall and quite broad shouldered? I want the whole business woman Dynasty vibe and not to be dramatic, but it would be going against nature to tear them out.

Red and black is also a winning colour combo in my humble opinion. It's eye-catching and smart without being too over-the-top. Not that there's anything wrong with being over the top, as you will have seen in my last post The Statement Coat. LOL!

I teamed the blazer with light wash denim jeans, also from Ebay, a cream mock-neck jumper from Primark and my trusty Office studded boots which have been knocking around for at least 5 years, but which are still in flippin' mint condition.

For accessories, I opted for an Aztec triangle gold necklace (Ebay) with another long gold pearl tie necklace to keep it company (Barnardo's) I had recently purchased a red chunky ring from the British Heart Foundation which I threw into the accessories mix and I complemented the boots with a gold studded belt. Handbag wise, I showcased my new favourite vintage Jane Shilton cross body, mock-crock bag. Another Ebay find, it is proving to be the perfect everyday bag which is not too big or small and not too outrageous but not too boring either.

As luck would have it, the British weather let me down a mere 2 minutes into the photo shoot but luckily my cousin had an umbrella available in a complementary colour, what luck!

Would you believe, there just happened to be a red guitar knocking about too which my cousin had bought at Barnardo's? Of course, I had to feature it, even though I don't play guitar (neither does she for that matter) But it was RED and it went with my outfit and sometimes you just need to seize the opportunities that life throws at you.

So that's my top purchase of the week folks. I'd love to know what you think of my find and if you have any ideas or styling tips for me to get the most out of this little smasher!

Photos by Jason Wesley-Biggs

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