The Family Christening

This weekend I attended the christening of my lovely little nephew in Enniscrone, Ireland. Now it might surprise you to hear this, but I am not the most confident at dressing for formal occasions. I've got everyday looks, workwear, nights out and smart-casual completely nailed, but invite me to a posh ceremony and watch me crumble. I never know what level of dressed up to aim for, or how much of my usual eccentric style I can incorporate. Where a christening is concerned, you also need to factor in church appropriate garb and bear in mind that your look will be immortalised in photos for all eternity. Plus, I was doing a reading, which adds an extra level of being noticed and remembered.

I wanted to do my little nephew proud, adhere to the formal code, but also express my personality in my outfit and present the best possible trussed-up version of myself.

It was a proper challenge and one that tested my fashion nerves. 

After much careful consideration, I opted for a 50's vintage style look with a modern twist. Folks, it IS possible to combine religion and glamour and here's the proof.

Although it was an Easter christening, it was flipping freezing out there on the west coast of Ireland and in an unusual twist, the ceremony took place at 9pm. Ever practical, I knew that if I didn't factor in the Atlantic chill, I'd end up a very miserable Easter bunny indeed.

I opted for a black knee-length circle skirt (Primark) with a cream high-neck jumper (also Primark) which I teamed with a stunning faux-fur three quarter Per Una jacket (Barnardo's)

For accessories, I opted for a vintage dark brown leather 'Kelly' bag (EBay) some bronze and gold stacking rings (H&M) fishnet tights (Primark) and black socks (Primark)

I tried a new experience with jewellery in the form of some cream and gold vintage clip-on earrings (EBay) I was worried they would kill my ears, but I managed the whole day in them quite comfortably and didn't even rag them off by accident. 

I opted for ankle boots rather than heels, mainly because it was cold but also I wanted to showcase these marvellous brown and white checked creations from ASOS which are one of the most versatile and brill footwear purchases I've ever made. 

I'd love to show you a pic of my sweet angel child nephew but he's not doing public appearances yet, so here's me with my partner Alan, who is kitted out in a Next suit if y'all are interested.

I'd love to know what you think of my family christening look and how you would have dressed for this occasion. 

I'm chuffed with how it turned out! Fashion challenge accepted and completed!

*Photos by Al and Orla 

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