Getting on board with gingham

I heart gingham and I was delighted when the fashion world resurrected it for SS17. I fondly remember gingham being peppered throughout my childhood in the form of tablecloths and curtains, not to mention the odd picnic blanket.

I have no problem whatsoever looking like household soft furnishings, so I mounted the back of this trend on the immediate.

I knew that good old Primark would have some decent offerings and lo and behold, I managed to pick up this ace peplum gingham blouse for a mere ten quid.

It's a bit of a stiff fabrication and made of that mystery synthetic cardboardy stuff that's a wee bit uncomfortable, but on the positive side, it's guaranteed to come out of the wash without needing to be ironed.

I decided to fully work the monochrome of the gingham and styled it up with a host of complementary hues.

I teamed the shirt with these vintage grey trews from EBay which I cropped the crap out of and left the ends frayed. These trousers are even more stiff and unnatural in composition than the blouse, but that's what's kept them in good order throughout the ages I guess. There's a smart pleat down the front which has been welded in and which didn't budge an inch in the wash. Clothes that don't need ironing are EVERYTHING.

To deconstruct the smartness, I chucked on my faithful black converse for a more cool and casual vibe.

Jacket-wise, I opted for this vintage dogtooth blazer from eBay with the shoulder pads LEFT IN, because they are my jam right now.

Again, the fabrication of the jacket is that super robust indestructible material which has kept it alive and well since the 80's and will undoubtedly ensure its survival beyond the apocalypse. I can totally imagine the zombies donning it, should they catch a chill.

Accessories-wise, I opted for a teensy bit of colour in the form of a huge ring featuring a Victorian lady sipping on a cuppa.

This star purchase was from a shop called Big Baby which appeared in Liverpool momentarily before vanishing without a trace.

I also jazzed up the top with a New Look bolo tie which I fashioned into a pussy bow under the collar. I did start off with it around my neck but it was giving me all the strangles so I had to jib that idea.

Now then, let's talk about the hat. I love hats on other people but always feel like a bit of a twonk when I wear them myself. I got this black specimen from the Primark sale for £3 last summer and hadn't worn it due to said twonky self-conscious feelings.

However, this look needed a little something extra and I knew it would be elavated to the next level with exactly this hat. I had a stiff word with myself that went along the lines of 'get that hat on your head Laura, you silly sausage!' My telling off worked and here is my hat!

I got used to the hat super quickly and it served the added bonus of keeping my wayward locks in place too.

I'm not sure why wearing hats took so long to come to fruition when I am quite happy to parade about in mad jungle animal coats, but the human psyche can be extremely irrational and I am just a normal person who is as refreshingly full of idiosyncrasies as anyone else.

Finishing the look is this terrific saddle bag from Affleck's Palace in Manchester. It was £30 which is pushing the boat out for me, but sometimes it's worth stepping out of your usual comfort price point for a decent item.

It's a weighty and robust mofo and sturdy as you like. You wouldn't want to mess with this bag, or start a fight with it because it would win.

To sum up, I'm calling this look 'prairie rodeo modern tablecloth'. I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I've thrown some clothes together this week and do let me know if you're on board, or bored of gingham.

Until next time my loves! 😘

*Photos by Al

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