Dabbling in Double Denim

I know I'm about a million years late to the party, but I just decided to do double denim. I strongly suspect it's not even 'in' any more, but I don't really care about that sort of thing and I don't think you should either.

Don't be deceived by the sun in these pics, it was blowing an unseasonal arctic gale so I not only doubled my denim, I doubled up on layers too.

I paired these light-wash eBay jeans with a deep blue cold-shoulder boo-hoo tunic dress and the contrast pleased me greatly. Also the tunic did a stellar job of hiding my fat bits.

I didn't want my shoulders to actually be cold because I'm quite sensible and boring, so I sensibly and boringly layered a cream long-sleeve top under this combo.

I've been dying to wear this vintage Betty Barclay blazer and thought the orangey-red colours would contrast proper nice with the blue. Guys, you are going to DIE when I tell you how much the blazer was...£1.99!! I snapped it up in Barnardo's charity shop and I still cannot believe my luck! It's in mint condition and I heart it ❤️

For my accessories, I opted for the same Affleck's Palace bag featured in my last post, gold M&S sling back heels from Oxfam, a pendant necklace from Barnardo's and some sunnies from Accessorize.

I wore socks even though the shoes are quite dressy because Fearne Cotton does this all the time and her style is LIFE.

The necklace was only £1 folks, I was totally winning at bargains with this look!

All I needed then was a complementary background and this is where the wall at the end of my street suddenly stepped up its game! A few of the neighbours shot me some perplexed looks; fashion shoots don't happen often in our locale, but I'm learning fast to ignore the looks and revel in being a bit of a show-off.

I wore this look to work, luckily the dress code is very easygoing but I thought the blazer and shoes smartened up the casual denim vibes and gave it an overall structured tone.

Once again, I'm amazed at what you can pick up in charity shops and can highly recommend a rummage around in them. With not much £££ and a bit of imagination, you can really have fun with fashion and express yourself to the max.

See you next time m'dears!

*Photos by Al

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