Funking up a granny dress in Skipton

I recently had a lovely day out at the Skipton Waterways Festival and as well as enjoying all the decorated canal boats and some quality fam time, I also managed to squeeze in a breakout fashion shoot.

I was hoping to bring you both fashion AND canal boats in the same photos but alas, the canal banks were too heavily rammed with fezzie goers to make this feasible.

So Al and I snuck off to a little bit of deserted streamery to get snap-happy.

For my day out, I opted for this hand-made vintage grey and white floral dress from the British Heart Foundation charity shop. It's quite baggy in construction, so I nipped it in at the waist with this black belt from eBay. I layered it over a white Forever 21 top because it's still FREEZING here in the UK and even if it wasn't, I would still layer it because I just love layers.

I wanted to bring this rather grannyish dress up to date and give it some funk, so I teamed it with a faux leather jacket and my trusty Converse.

Believe it or not, I do shop at places other than Primark, eBay and charity shops and this H&M biker jacket is a great example of one of my 'trusty basics' that was worth getting a little more spendy for. Didn't buy the Converse though, they were a gift from Al, LOL!

To further keep the Yorkshire chill off my bones, I wore some Primark fishnet tights and socks over the top. BAD IDEA! The 100% polyester dress combined with nylon tights created tons of static which made the dress cling like mad to my legs whenever I walked. As well as being v.unflattering, there was probably enough electricity created by the dress and the tights to light up the whole of Skipton!

Need to buy a cotton slip for underneath this next time! For my accessories, I decided on one of my all-time fav necklaces, this Tatty Devine seahorse which was a gift from my cousin.

I paired it with my usual Accessorize sunnies and a white square ring from H&M.

I've been getting a little bored of this face furniture, so have just ordered 2 new pairs of sunnies from ASOS which will hopefully rev up my fashion pics and stop you getting bored too.

Bag-wise, I was too lazy to tip everything out of my Affleck's Palace one and choose another soz, so here it is yet again, although it does go perfectly with the biker jacket IMHO.

All that remained was for me to get my packed lunch on the go and hit up the Skipton charity shops - where I scored big time with a rather smashing haul!

I cannot POSSIBLY show you what I got as it will ruin the surprise; you'll just have to tune in to my future blogs to find out!

So that's it for this week's featured look; until next time sweet peas, thanks for reading and remember, you don't have to spend a bomb to have fun with fashion!

*Photos by Al

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