The Lemon-Leopard Combo

Been to the charity shops again, haven't I!? If you read my last post, you'll know that I dug out some choice bargains on my day out to Skipton and the pick of the crop (lol) was this awesome lemon shirt from Scope. 'But it's see-through!' my Mum remarked, but as you know, your girl, (or more like middle-aged woman) loves a layer or two and ain't no sheer fabric gonna stop me.

For £2.99 I knew I had to have it and to keep the lemons popping and not distract from their fruity goodness, I paired it with the simplest of cream coloured long-sleeved tops.

And THEN I had the genius idea to pair it with a pair of leopard print trousers, scored from Barnardo's! Lemons AND leopard in one outfit? Well, it looked good to me and it felt brill to have invented a new fashion.

I wonder if leopards realise their coats are permanently on-trend? Probably best not to tell them; as they are already quite big on the predator scene, we don't want to add to their cockiness.

I threw on my H+M biker jacket over the top because yes, it's sunny, but no, it's not warm here in Liverpool yet.

To tie-in with the green of the lemon leaves, I added this pair of sparkly green socks from Topshop and then donned the M+S-at-Oxfam gold chunky heels I featured a couple of posts ago.

I bet you didn't notice that the necklace was a choccie biccie did you? I had no idea that such jewellery gems existed until I visited the Manchester Christmas Markets and saw not only chocolate digestive necklaces, but all manner of confectionery items available as neck wear. Fully reversible, it has all the detail of the real McVitie's version but with none of the calories! I also snapped up a Jammie Dodger and Flump necklace too, which will undoubtedly be featured in forthcoming blogs.

My handbag of choice was this smashing Jane Shilton creation that I purchased from ebay. I love everything about this bag, but most of all, I love its clasp. The simple but stunning tortoiseshell and gold design gets me all fired up and giddy as a goose. Details are important in life, even more so in handbags.

I thought the tortoiseshell hair clip was a winning pick to complement the bag clasp; also my hair was being incredibly foolish being all springy at the front. I'm ALL about killing two birds with one stone.

For face furniture, I opted for these new sunnies from ASOS which I am digging hard right now. I totally love looking like I'm from the 70's in these oversized angular frames (and they don't even make my nose sweat, which is of course an excellent bonus.)

I took my lemon-leopard combo on the road, to the end of my own road to be exact and 'gave it loads' as they say here in Liverpool. One of the things I love most about fashion photos and Instagram is that you can curate the heck out of your life and show only loveliness and good times. Who'd have thought that just out of shot were some nasty iron railings and tons of parked cars? Never mind about that, or the week of sickness preceding this pics; I love taking the highlight reel of my life and sharing it with you guys. To get back on the real though, I do wear these get-ups in everyday life and straight after this shoot I was running errands and going to see my cousin perform in The Crucible. With the cast mostly being in black and white ensembles, I thought my outfit would provide a welcome pop of colour in the audience.

So I'll tootle off now, but do let me know what you think of this slightly crazy combo and whether the lemon top counts as one of my '5 a day'.

Hope you enjoyed this week's look into my wardrobe choices and stay tuned for the next post as there will be a special guest making an appearance!

*Photos by Al. Thanks Al for letting me boss you about relentlessly in the quest for the 'money shot'!

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