Cousins who love clothes!

There's a special guest on my blog today, my cousin Helen! Cuz shares my love of all things fashiony and she's always inspired me with her quirky and unique style.

Our birthdays are quite close together so we decided to celebrate with a double whammy day out and double fashion shoot at the charity shops in Formby. We've had great success on previous chazza trips here as it's a well to-do area with a strong footballer's wives game and consequently a strong second hand cast-off vibe.

Our style brief for the day was 'flowers and plants' and we surprised each other with our interpretation of the theme. As always, Cuz blew me away with the presentation of her look. Her TK Maxx dress featuring potted plants facing all manner of directions was the perfect whimsical nod to spring.

Cuz is attention to detail GOALS and I did a happy sigh when I noticed that her nail varnish PERFECTLY matched the foliage of the plants on her frock.

She teamed the dress with this lightweight denim jacket from Barnardos and then came the magic of the accessories...

Cuz is accessory GOALS, the first time we met, I was captivated by all her unusual pieces and was staring too hard at them like a complete mental person. Every time we get together, she always has some new and interesting bodily adornment and it is both awe inspiring and slightly overwhelming, in a good way.

Let's start with the top half and this magnifique Tatty Devine butterfly necklace. Made from painted wood on a gold chain, it perfectly embodies the motto of 'bigger is better'.

For earrings, Cuz chose these remarkable Erstwilder beauties to dangle from her lobes.

I don't really know what they are but I like them a lot. 

For arm and finger candy, Cuz showcased a charming little emerald and silver bracelet handed down through the generations from her Ma. This was coupled with a gorge black and gold ring.

You'd think it couldn't get any better, but then there was this astonishingly fab little shop of horrors brooch clipped on a jaunty angle to her jacket. What the actual heck? Who even knew that such a thing was in the world! Cuz received this as a gift, but for your comfort and enjoyment, she has traced its origins back to an Etsy shop called Luxulite.

Cuz had the presence of mind to bring two bags, one for small essentials and whatnot and one for chazza bargains. Both were eye-wateringly amazing, the butterfly one (gift from Disaster Designs) is just unreal in its execution of craftsmanship and detail. I took one look at it and my soul wept. The second green stripy floral shopper is a Next creation, purchased brand new with tags from a chazza in Chester. Again, I can't EVEN. It was like she was carrying a bag of Spring!

For footwear and leg coverage, Cuz went for some navy F&F boots and a pair of leggings to keep the chill off her pins.

I think you'll agree that Cuz properly smashed it when she got dressed that day.

Now onto moi, I had been to Primark the night before and made a few cheeky purchases which I couldn't wait to debut on our thrift hunt nature themed day out. 

I interpreted the theme with less emphasis on the plant side of things and went for a full-on hippy flower child vision. 

I'd been after a floral kimono for eons, so when I spotted this I erupted in full-blown Primania! For £14.00 I thought it was decently priced, although I was disappointed to have not found anything similar in the dressing gown section for half the cost.

I popped it over the top of this peachy long-sleeve H&M top and the same jeans I always wear. I'm not even apologising for the jeans because I'm basic A F at times and also I can't find any others that fit me properly. I have washed them though.

Like Cuz, I also brought two bags with me, the first is this awesome cream vintage specimen which I'm wearing cross-body style.

It's from the 1960's via eBay and I legit love its robust structure and gold hardware details.

My second bag isn't pictured because it  was an ugly A F wheelie suitcase which doesn't fit with my brand. Like Cuz, I also needed somewhere to stash my chazza bargains, but unlike Cuz, I am old and decrepit with a bad back. No longer able to carry burgeoning bags of bargains, I've been forced into this terribly uncouth luggage wheeling sitch, although tbh I can fit a lot more shit in this case than I ever could in a bag!

For my face and head furniture, I donned my newly acquired Primark sunnies and floral headband.

I think the headband is meant to be worn as a flower crown, but you know me, I follow my own rules and also my hair was particularly frizzed up that day and needed strapping back out of harms way. 

At £3, the sunnies represented a top bargain and you can even see properly out of them, unlike the last Primark pair I bought which distorted reality and made me trip over the pavement.

This bib collar necklace is also from Primark but I actually bought it years ago and just never wore it. I can be a right tit at times, buying shit and never wearing it. I do my own head in with these sorts of behaviours, but thank goodness it went perfectly with this look and finally entered civilisation!

The ring I'm wearing is from Miss Selfrige and I've had it at least 20 years. Good old non-biodegradable plastic hey?

My Primark shoes and socks completed the look and I must say, I am totes impressed with these little gold foot coverings. At £6, I fully expected them to fall apart in two weeks or less and they haven't! Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to get them in black too!

Cuz summarised my look by saying, 'When I met Laura for our day out to Formby, I instantly noticed that her outfit encompassed several current fashion trends. Pink is a hot colour this season, apparently even making a comeback into interiors and floral prints are remaining strong. Laura's look wouldn't be out of place at a festival. Floral headpieces, round glasses and kimonos are perfect for festival chic. My favourite elements of Laura's outfit were her kimono jacket and fabulous gold shoes and pink glitter socks combo'

Aw thanks Cuz! 

So that's it for this double-header of a blog folks! Me and Cuz hope you dug it and got some outfit inspo from our looks. Tune in next week to see me parade about on yet another birthday day out in a surprise location!

*Photos by me and Cuz

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