The Oriental Trend

Oriental prints are bang on trend right now but I didn't have to travel across the globe to indulge in an original design. I was lucky enough to snap up this opulent little Chinese jacket in the Far East of London; Walthamstow to be exact. 

Who knew that E17 was not just home to the band of said name, but also some truly magnificent charity shops?

I couldn't believe my good fortune when I picked up this delightful Asian number for £3.99 in the British Heart Foundation.

It was in perfect nick and was a perfect fit. Also, the previous owner had very kindly had the presence of mind to sew on a couple of press studs to stop that terrible boob-gape sitch that can often happen around the mammary gland area.

I've been saving this for special since I got it in February and when my brother suggested a big family day to the Lakes for my birthday, I knew it was time to champion this article of clothing.

To ensure it took control of my look, I teamed it with a simple black long sleeve top from Primark and some black plisse culottes.

The top with built in choker detail was the perfect way to add a little something extra around the neck without actually wearing jewellery, which would have been overkill I feel.

I got the culottes from a shop in Liverpool called YES! which was my favourite shop of all time until it vanished without a trace a few months ago. It sold completely new branded clothing with tags still on for around £5 and these kecks were one of my best ever finds. Imagine my delight when I picked them up and saw they had started out life in Debenhams for £25!

My shoes are the £6 Primark beauties that I featured in my last post and they coped brilliantly with a day containing a fair bit of walking and about 20 different weather conditions.

Surprisingly, there were a lot of blue posing accoutrements in the environs around Lake Windermere, although I did not indulge in any of this takeaway fayre as my bro treated me to a slap-up sit-down lunch.

Because the weather was so silly and Britishly unpredictable, I managed to get another go out of my fab green Topshop fur jacket too. I got this new with tags from eBay for £45 which was a steal considering the actual new from Topshop price was £75! It's so warm and I feel like a big green bear in it. Bring on more terrible weather!!

For my bag, I went with my favourite Jane Shilton via eBay number that you're all probably sick of now. It will be a long time before I get bored of it though, so brace yourselves!

Same with the Accessorize sunnies, not even sorry!

All in all, it was a smashing day and I'm a very lucky punk getting treated to a fine time in one of my favourite places. 

Tune in next week to see my fashion shoot get photobombed by a very special little dog!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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