Your garden is my accessory

I think I'm getting the hang of this fashion blogger lark now. The trick is to just go about your day as normal and then suddenly break into a photo shoot.

Sometimes I announce that a shoot is imminent, sometimes I like the element of surprise. The environment is my accessory and if I happen to be in your garden, I'll find a way to work that into my look too.

It just so happened that Al and I were invited to dine al fresco in our friends Sarah and Mike's garden recently. Not only is their garden great, they are great too and so is their dog Henry, who is the greatest dog who ever lived (besides Chops, their last dog.)

They've known me long enough to not be arsed about a sudden fashion shoot springing up, so after we had feasted on tasty fayre and cuddled Henry, I instructed Al to get snapping on the trusty iPhone.

For my visiting and dining experience, I opted for this brightly coloured jersey dress with built-in collar and peplum hem which was £3.99 from the Age UK charity shop. It's comfortable, lightweight and the busy pattern proved very forgiving when confronted with dropped food and doggy paws.

I teamed this hero dress with some black leggings, fishnet ankle socks and some Primark black sling back shoes which cost a mere £6! Regular readers of my blog will know I also have them in gold and both pairs are holding up remarkably well despite their cheap price point.

For eyewear, I popped these old YSL inspired sunnies from Primark onto my hooter and voila, my look now had a 1960's edge.

Even though it's verging on properly summer now, I am still hanging onto a demure covered up look for as long as is humanly possible. Mainly because I am very lazy about leg shaving and all that horrid 'summer body' nonsense and also I burn to a crisp after 0.5 seconds outdoors. I think a mad print can often give the illusion of a summer vibe without actually having to flash flesh, so until we get over 25 degrees, this is all the summer fashion you're getting out of me!

My jewellery for the day was this awesome Zebra ring which I'd literally received minutes earlier from Sarah as a birthday gift. Once I had finished marvelling at it's exquisite excellence, I obvs needed it in my blog. 

One thing I've realised from doing these fashion posts is that the universe is incredibly generous and inspired when it comes to providing complementary backdrops. Stuff that matches your outfit is everywhere, you just have to notice it, command control of it and own it to help you pilot your look. 

I had no idea if anything in Sarah and Mike's garden would match my look before I got there but I knew to put my faith in a higher intelligence and it delivered to the max.

Besides garden seats, I fully commandeered a section of the fence, a watering can and a big yellow metal wheelie thing as my fashion accessories. I proper thought I was winning at life and then THIS happened...

I got photobombed by Henry! Which reminded me I really needed to wrap up the shoot and spend some quality time with the best dog in the land!

So that concludes this week's post, I hope you liked it and found your life to be better for it! Tune in next time to see how I narrowly missed having to use a Tesco cash point as a fashion backdrop!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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