Feeling Blue. And Pink.

At any given time, I've always got a bunch of new purchases knocking around just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be showcased. That was the case for everything I'm wearing in this week's blog post and a gigantic fambo barbecue seemed like the perfect time to get this gear on the go.

My look for our meat based feast was centred around this stunning embroidered denim jacket that cousin Helen spied in Oxfam on one of our regular chazza jaunts. She gallantly thrust it towards me and my gob fell open in shock at its unique and super rad design. The label is Indigo Moon, which I'd not heard of before but I'll be defo checking them out on the reg to see what other sick rags they have on offer.

Just look at the buttons too, they're freaking insane! I got a lot of compliments on this jacket at the BBQ and one of the assembled party jokingly tried to make off with it!

And did I mention that I only paid £3.99 for it? Mega score!

I teamed it with these pink plisse culottes from Primark as it was quite a warm day and they are totes light and airy. Guys, you have to get onto plisse, it has transformed my life and in my humble opinion it's a completely revolutionary fabric. It doesn't crease because it's already creased, it feels super-silky and best of all, it doesn't need ironing! I had never even heard of it before I started following Manchester blogger babe Megan Ellaby, but now it's on my radar in various different clothing incarnations.

My top was a simple blue oversized men's shirt from Barnardos. Described on the label as 'easy care', it didn't disappoint when this also scored high on the fashion-o-meter for emerging from the wash with no need for an iron.

Jewellery-wise, I kept it real simple with this triangular Azteccy style necklace from Primark circa a very long time ago indeed.

To give the look a vibrant lift, I chose this hot pink patent style handbag with gold trim and chain, which was a mere £3.49 from Barnardos! I heart pairing a smart going out bag with a super casual outfit as it's something a little bit different and you can also get more use out of your posh bags. The £3 pink Primark sunglasses from previous blogs were also rolled back out with great success I believe.

And one more time for the cheap seats at the back - the gold £6 Primark shoes. Sorry about the rank looking trotters, I will be dealing with this shortly.

TBH, I was hoping to box off the fashion shoot before I got to the barbecue. I knew there'd be people there I didn't know and was worried I'd look a giant bellend prancing around while the sausages sizzled. I was concerned that people wouldn't understand or share my vision for a bigger, better and more fashionable world.

But when it got to mid-afternoon and the only complementary blue and pink backdrop I'd found was the Tesco cashpoint, I just had to run with it and put my faith in the universe.

I needn't have worried. News of my fashion blog had spread as far as Wigan and not only was it considered normal to start posing, my step-sister Vicky was more than happy to do a guest stint on camera so Al could show off the Hawaiian shirt he'd borrowed.

How fab does he look in it though? I think he should get one.

And I think he might have to be in more of my blogs if that isn't too coupley and bleuuurgh! for you all.

Tune in next time to see me in a new get-up that is completely undecided at this time!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al and Vicky 

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