Lady Gypsy

This week's blog post outfit was a tricky one because we are now properly in summer mode in the UK, so I needed to factor in torrential heat as well as Janet's birthday lunch at a countryside pub. 

I wanted to be well presented, summery and interesting to look at, but also avoid extreme perspiration issues and general discomfort. 

Inspired by David Brent's smash hit, I opted for a full-on Lady Gypsy ensemble.

I had lost my heart to this awesome tiered maxi skirt as soon as I spotted it in the Open Door charity shop. At £5, it was a rather magnificent bargain but had to be stashed away until extreme summer hit.

I love the vibrancy of the colours on this skirt and it's a lovely lightweight cotton material which billows nicely in the breeze and aerates ones undercarriage nicely.

It has an elasticated waist too, which was excellent for a two hour session of extra hard birthday scoffing and a later dabble in some serious cake wolfing.

I teamed it with this simple white long sleeve top from H&M which ticked all the boxes for keeping cool, however the tie details on the sleeves were most vexing as they kept dipping themselves in my fish pie. Luckily it was mostly mash that ended up in the top so it didn't show too badly.

For my jewellery, I chose just one piece, this statement necklace that I saw on eBay for £5. I thought it complemented the colours in the skirt perfectly and by the end of the day it also complemented my lobster coloured neck. I always wear SPF cream by the way, I'm just so alabaster pale that I frazzle as soon as I step into the sun.

For sun goggles, I donned my ASOS 70's inspired giggs that you may have spotted in my lemon-leopard blog. Or as Geddie said, the 'lemonard' blog. Not much I can say about them really except they are EVERYTHING, OMG they give me LIFE and saved me from the pit of despair that was normal sized sunglasses.

My bag for the day was this bronze metallic textured creation that I got for £3.99 in Age UK. Janet helpfully suggested it looked like a 1970's gas fire surround and after pondering this thought for a second, I completely concurred. I think I even loved it more after I knew it resembled vintage heating devices you know.

For footwear, I had no choice but to don sandals, otherwise my trotters would definitely have burst into flames with the heat. I HATE having to address my rank piggies but fashion needs must, so I applied a couple of coats of yellow piggy polish and dug out the summer footwear. These tan and silver sandals were a mere ten pounds from St.John's market in Liverpool which is a hotbed of cheap and cheerful produce. If you can brave the smell of fish, it is well worth a visit. These sandals are on their second summer now and are really comfortable so don't be put off thinking it's all total shit down that market.

There was no need for a coat in the insatiable heat which was a shame because I love coats and I've got millions of them. I was really jealous of a donkey we spotted as he had a marvellous coat, although to be fair he looked quite hot in it.

After our slap-up feed, we went for a pootle around this antique place called Lady Heyes. Janet and I went mental purchasing all manner of shite and I got four necklaces for a fiver!! 

There was so much cool vintage furniture too but Al and I have limited space at Casa Del Fashion Blogger. Unfortunately I had to leave a 70's bar cart, solid marble coffee table and spiky clock that I was lusting after, but one day such items will be mine. 

It was a proper fine day out and even though I suspect this skirt WILL need ironing when it comes out of the wash, I count it as one of my top chazza buys.

Tune in next week to see me rock up at a dog festival without compromising on style!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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