What on earth does one wear to a festival of dogs?!

When Dogfest 2017 at Arley Hall rolled around, I was faced with quite a serious fashion dilemma. I'm not one of these people that has a day off from fashion unless I'm sick. Every time I venture into public I like to give it my ALL, even if I'm in a field full of canines in 28 degree heat!

My only concession for my look was that it would have to be comfortable and also feature a complicated print so that I could fuss over hundreds of dogs and not be sporting muddy paw prints afterwards.

This colourful paisley and floral pattern culotte jumpsuit I got at Barnardo's charity shop ticked all the right boxes as it was light, airy and comfortable. I wanted to look on-trend and 'with it' but not like some sad out-of-place fashionista that had tried too hard and looked completely inappropriate. Although the amount of effort I put into looking like I hadn't tried too hard probably cancelled out the end result! 

It was too hot for a full on accessory display, so I opted for a simple gold belt to add a little interest to the jumpsuit and break up the pattern.

This belt is so old I can't actually remember where it's from, but I'm guessing a chazza, Primark or H&M because that's pretty much where everything I own is from.

In case you aren't familiar with Dogfest, let me fill you in on the scoop. It is a once a year opportunity for dog owners/dog lovers to get together and enjoy all manner of fun times, such as shows, exhibits, stalls and games. 

Al and I went because we love dogs and until we actually get one, it's a great way to find out more about all the different breeds and what's involved in looking after them.

Within ten minutes I had made a couple of new friends in the form of these cute King Charles Cavaliers IN A PRAM! I was glad to shelter for a while under their parasol because the searing heat was rather too much for your girl, although it did present the perfect opportunity to whip out these ace Pop Boutique sunnies that Al's sister Janet got me for my birthday.

I love everything about these sun giggs, the shape, the size, the flecked tortoiseshell design. Without wanting to reveal my age, they remind me of the ones that puppet Joe 90 used to wear and I have no problem whatsoever looking like a retro kids TV star.

My completely unnecessary cover-up was this lovely lemon yellow Dorothy Perkins cardi that I bagged from Age UK charity shop. I don't know if it's because I'm British or what, but I feel its terribly important to have an outer layer, even if it's the middle of a stinking heatwave. I always feel it could turn chilly in an instant, which to be fair, it usually does in the UK. Also my Mum said you always have to take a coat or cardigan out with you and these words are instilled in me even though I'm a grown-up now and could probably jib this advice if I wanted.

My footwear for the day were these bargain £10 sandals from St.Johns market, also featured in my last blog. If you recall, I highly recommended them but now I am vehemently retracting my positive statements because they turned out to be a total piece of shit. The combination of the heatwave and cheap man-made materials resulted in the skin on my right little toe being sandpapered off. It's taken nearly a week to grow back; these horrid shoes should have come with a skull and crossbones warning on them!

For my bag, I opted for my bronze metallic mock-croc creation as it's quite the style statement, but also robust enough to cope with dogs jumping all over it.

And jump they did. Dogfest is one of the few places where you can legit just approach complete strangers and fuss over their dogs with minimal introduction, so that is exactly what we did!

We also played 'dog of the day' which is our favourite game whenever we go somewhere with dogs. We basically just decide at the end of the day which dog was our favourite and list our reasons why. 

Our joint favourite at Dogfest was a Cockapoo who sadly refused to sit still for a photo, but made our hearts melt by jumping all over us like we were long lost family.

To be honest, most dogs of the day are Cockapoos, although the odd Schnauzer has been known to sneak in and take first place.

So that concludes my Dogfest fashion challenge which I think turned out quite well.

I'd love to know what you think of my look. Am I 'Best In Show' or 'Scruffiest Bitch'?!

Tune in next time to see what happened when I went out with Pom poms on my head!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al 

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