The Power of Pom Poms!

Pom Poms have been appearing on all manner of apparel for a few seasons now and while I do love a Pom Pom, I wasn't sure exactly how to incorporate them into my look. 

In the end I decided to just throw myself in at the deep end and wear them on my head.

I picked up this snazzy little headband in Primark for a mere £3 and I flipping love it. It's so cute and my head has defo got the FUN factor when I'm wearing it.

One of the reasons I started this fashion blog was to introduce more fun into my life. Let's face it, life can be pretty serious, dull and grim at times and at best it is simply very boring. I realised that somehow, my life had become tawdry A F and so I made a pledge to myself that if nothing else, I would have fun with my outfits.

The look I chose to complement the headband is probably one of my most fun to date.

Rather than tone it down to take the edge off the mental Pom Poms, I decided to just keep adding more and more crackers and fun stuff to the look to see what happened.

I decided to pull out this random patterned H&M sweatshirt which I got for £2.79 in the British Heart Foundation charity shop as it screams FUN! and I love the cute and kawaii selection of images.

Readers, I urge you to drink in the cat heads, rain clouds, cacti and other assorted insane shit. If there was ever a top that summed up my whimsical, eclectic personality, this is it. If you've ever wanted to dress like a 13 year old geek but felt weird because you are a middle aged woman, just do it. I am living proof that nothing bad will happen.

I clad my lower half in these navy Atmosphere polka dot trousers that I picked up in the British Heart Foundation, because realistically something about the look had to be muted.

But then I got straight back on the colour and fun with all my other bits and bobs.

I've been after a pair of pink Converse for eons but no way was I paying full price. What I do when I'm after a specific piece is hang around on eBay doing some hard watching and hustling. You might have to wait a while, but then the item you're after will invariably appear and you can move in like a stealth bomber. I was lucky enough to scramble these  beauts for a mere £5 and they're in mint condition!

My approach to accessorising this ensemble was a cross between 'more is more' and 'more fun stuff' which I feel worked out well.

I thought this Paperchase cat necklace would tie in with the occasional cat head depicted on the top; Lord knows, you can never have too many cats on your person.

Of course, it was only natural that I'd choose a pair of cat eye sunglasses too, these little smashers are from ASOS and I am digging them hard.



I'm sure you can now see why I created dramatic tension with capital letters and paragraph breaks. This King of Bags was my birthday present from cousin Helen and it could not be any more perfect. My gob was as wide as the Mersey tunnel when I opened it. 

Guys, if anyone tells you that material goods don't bring happiness just slap them because it's not true. This bag has made me very VERY happy. Even more so because Cuz found it in a charity shop!

I took this outfit on the road for a nice little afternoon out in Sefton Park with Al 

and a look around the Palm House. 

Sefton Park is one of my favourite places EVER and it was as though the  Palm House knew I was coming because there were lots of super colours in the plant displays which complemented my gear. 

There's also the beautiful exterior which besides being great in its own right, is also blogger backdrop goals.

All that remained was to have a quick leg-up pose on the Peter Pan statue (which Al said used to be in the Lake) before heading off to the cafe for a Solero and some people/dog watching.

I can tell you now that I sure had a fun time in this outfit! I think a lot of other people enjoyed seeing me in it too as there were a lot of smiles shot in my direction. Let's hope they were laughing with me, not at me hey?

Tune in next time to see me parading around like Lady Muck in a top that is everything I ever wanted in clothing, but was too afraid to ask for!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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