Another Majestic Find From Barnardo's!

What did I ever do without Barnardo's charity shops? Well, I probably paid full price for things and had less clothes to be honest, but let's not dwell on that.

My hometown of Liverpool is riddled with Barnardo's shops and this is something I've taken FULL advantage of. I know it's wrong to have favourites when it comes to chazzas, but I love the way Barnardo's have such a huge range of stock and that everything is displayed in such a creative, tempting fashion. 

It was on my 168,537,723rd visit to a Barnardo's that I purchased one of my best EVER finds.

T'was this kimono top, which can only be described as 'everything I had ever wanted in a top, but was too afraid to ask for'

When my gaze locked lustfully on its colourful and sequinned magnificence, I knew that owning it would make my life 150% better. Upon checking the price tag, I almost came over all unnecessary when I saw that not only was it from River Island but it was only a mere £3.99!!! WTAF!?

The pattern and details are so busy that it's difficult to see what is actually happening on this top, so for your comfort and enjoyment I've done an extra crop 'n' zoom so you can feast upon the opulent design.

It seems the thinking process behind this creation was 'let's do every tropical floral and colour imaginable and then just when you think the fabric can't take it anymore, ram a load of sequins on top'.

I'd sure love to meet the person behind this design and give them a hefty pat on the back. I'd also love to meet the person who gave this kimono away and ask them exactly what they were thinking when they discarded this fashion-meets-art brilliance. But then I'd give them a giant shoulder slap too and say, 'thank you my friend, for this top has given me LIFE!'

Even I'm not mental enough to pair this top with more colours and print, so I kept the rest of the look real simple with a Topshop black jersey midi dress that I got from eBay for £10. 

Alas, the previous owner of this dress omitted the word 'bodycon' from the description so it's a lot more clingy than I expected, but due to extreme laziness, I was unable to return it. 

Instead I decided to use it as a base layer type garment and to stop the kimono flapping about and revealing unwieldy bulges, I fastened it at the middle with a brooch.

I got this cute little specimen in Oasis about a thousand years ago and it has stood the test of time magnificently. 

My footwear of choice to complement this look was a pair of black Converse and for my handbag, I chose my new fav chazza-hero bronze mock-croc creation with the chain strap.

My trusty Accessorize sunnies that you've seen hundreds of times were also hauled back out because I'm just a normal girl, a regular consumer and I can't be buying new shit every week for blogs, much as I would like to!

I wore this look for a relaxed day of shopping with Al and my Mum and then we picked up Al's Mum and Janet before heading off for a Bikram carvery. This is like a normal carvery except with broken air conditioning so you end up sweating more than the roasted meats.

I was hoping for a better backdrop sitch than these corrugated shutters but Liverpool was rammed and then I was busy eating, plus it's not easy to break off into a posing frenzy sometimes when you're in company.

So I waited till the shops were shut and the day had drawn to a close to get my fashion blogger game all good and strong.

I hope this week's look has given you some inspiration to wear whatever the fuck you want and I'd love to know what you think of my lurid top! Unless you think it's garbage of course, in which case I'd prefer it if you kept this to yourself!

Tune in next week for another guest appearance by cousin Helen! We're heading off on a chazza jaunt and also going to a church fair so anything could happen!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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