Cousins at the charity shops!

If you saw my first post featuring Cousin Helen, you'll know that our favourite thing in the whole world is a street full of charity shops. One of the best thrifting locales we frequent is the Allerton Road area of Liverpool and last Saturday, we hit it up good style.

Cuz suggested a vintage theme for our chazza day out and we once again surprised each other with our interpretation of the idea.

We couldn't have looked more different, Cuz went for a 60's mod-meets-Hollywood pin-up vibe, wheras I embraced a 70's boho-hippy-peasant type vision.

We decided that Cuz's backyard would be better for a fashion shoot rather than the busy and not very salubrious Allerton Road, so Cuz's fella Jason stepped in on camera and took these ace snaps.

My first comment when Cuz answered the door was, "OMG you look amazing!" I was blown away by her bright green dress which she told me was from a vintage fair in Cambridge. I love the structured utility style and think combining it with orange accessories was a stroke of sartorial genius.

As mentioned in my previous Cuz blog, I am in awe of Helen's jewellery collection and also the way she wears it with such confidence and aplomb. This giant tiger head brooch and pistol earrings combo couldn't be more of a funky modern antithesis to the vintage dress. Purchased from Tatty Devine, they provided the perfect fashion paradox to assault and delight the senses. The chunky green necklace, nabbed for 99p at Age UK in Warrington complemented and set off the rest of the look to perfection.

Now who could have bought her this stunning bag? Oh yes, it was me! I spotted this cute little buttony clasp purse in Barnardo's and thought it would make the perfect birthday gift for Cuz. Not only is it in use as a bag, but Cuz also has it displayed on her gallery wall in between usages! 

And here's an extreme close-up of the earrings as I think you need a better look at them 👀👀👀👀👀

My vintage vibe was centred around this amaze blazer which my Mum wore in the 70's.

I'm not sure if she gave it to me or if I stole it, but either way it's mine now and it's one of my most prized clothing possessions that I'll never, ever get rid of. There was a skirt which came with it, but sadly its been lost in the mists of time and I'm not sure who is responsible for that. 

In the absence of said matching skirt, I teamed my resplendent flower power jacket with a pair of M+S mustard yellow culottes which I actually bought from M+S and not a charity shop!

I got them in the sale for £25 which isn't too bad for proper shop prices and I love the garish flappiness they have about them.

The reach of the flare is rather astonishing on these trews and it feels like my legs are in two tents, yet they hang beautifully and are surprisingly easy to style. Any longer than a culotte and they would be venturing into clown territory however, so I applaud the designer for stopping above the ankle.

For footwear, I opted for these brown and white checked ankle boots I got from ASOS last year. These have been somewhat of a hero purchase as they go with everything and are a bit different, but not too snazzy. And they have a tassel on the zip which is always a good idea.

I'm a right silly billy because I forgot to take the jacket off so you can see my top properly, but if you peer at it closely, you'll get the gist. It's a very simple Next peasant gypsy style cheesecloth blouse with long sleeves and a woven lace panel detail across the bust. This is a relatively new secondhand purchase and at £3.99, the Barnardo's fairy was certainly smiling upon me that day.

And here's that bronze bag again, which has been in so many blogs that it will end up with its own Insta account soon and probably end up with more engagement than me.

My Age UK necklace was super-pricey, in fact it broke the bank at 50 whole pence. I thought the little wooden hearts added a nod to the love-in era whilst still allowing the jacket to shine.

After posing artistically with Cuz's yard brush, we finally headed out to get our shop on. Unusually for us, we didn't score too well on the chazza garb front initially. Thank heavens for the £1.99 Barnardo's on Smithdown Rd however, cos we managed to fill our boots most satisfactorily in there!

Which leads me onto a smashing idea Cuz had for our next double blog..'best item we found on a chazza day out'

This will be coming real soon and guys, you are in for a really big treat. The item I'm planning on showcasing will require balls of steel to don in public. I will have to dig deep and channel the confidence of a 4 year old wearing an Elsa dress in Tesco.

Wish me luck! And tune in next Wednesday to see a relatively normal look in comparison.

Love Laura and Helen X

*Photos by Jason Wesley-Biggs

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