A day out at Dunham Massey

Last week, Al and I had a proper smashing time at Dunham Massey, a National Trust stately home in the heart of Cheshire. 

Al and I are creatures of habit and we love to hit up the Massey at the start of every summer, to signal the commencement of six weeks of glorious respite from our educational workplace environments. 

Now I'm a fashion blogger, I was even more excited than usual because Massey scenery would be absolute backdrop goals.

The only problem was the weather app on my phone was registering some rather random atmospheric conditions, so I needed to Outfit in a way that would encompass all the seasons in just one day.

I decided to roll out this Topshop wrap dress that I got from eBay and wrap it around not only myself, but also a dusky pink Primark vest to stop extreme mammary gland escape.

I then added a trouser layer, not only because I think it looks the shizz, but because wrap dresses can very suddenly become indecent in a strong gust of wind. To avoid fabric overload, I opted for these Primark light pink plisse culottes which made their blogging debut a few weeks back at a family BBQ and they haven't looked back since.

One of my favourite things about Dunham Massey is that there's deer roaming around at large and you can roam around with them. In this photo I am pictured with a deer who is clearly thinking, 'What The F*ck?' 

I think I definitely have a new follower here and I may even follow back as I love a strong antler game.

I thought it was about time I did something different with my head so I stuck a straw hat on it. This is yet another Barnardo's find and was an absolute steal at £2.99. 

Careful attention to detail is important in life and by default, so is matching the band on your trilby to the colours of your outfit. 

I honestly think that extreme attention to co-ordination of ones look is key to success in life. Well I always seem to have a better day when I can be arsed to pull it together wardrobe-wise anyway. 

My bag for Dunham Day was this leather vintage boxy affair that I picked up for £9.99 in the British Heart Foundation charity shop. I legit couldn't believe it was so cheap as it's so robust and well constructed. I'm sure you'll agree, it's an absolute stunner!! 

I'll be delving harder into my handbag collection from now on after that the bronze metallic bag from the last 100,000,000 blogs took a bit of a roasting on Facebook recently. My very dear pal Sarah politely told me I needed to 'give that f*cking bag a rest' and as she is always right, I acted on this sage advice immediately.

I f*cked up a bit on the footwear front though, as sandals were not the most practical choice for the natural world. Yes, they looked bomb but my feet got covered in dirt and forestry nonsense and I had to give them a good old scrub when I got home. 

In normal circumstances however, I can highly recommend these foot coverings. They were a fine bargain at £10 in the summer sales two years ago and I've managed to do a fair bit of walking in them without them ripping my feet apart.

My face furniture for the day was a pair of tortoiseshell Primark sunnies, I've got them in black too because when sunglasses this good are £2.99, it would be ludicrous to resist.

After a quick snack in the cafe which sadly featured absolutely NO gluten-free cakes, Al and I went looking for bunnies and other woodland creatures.

Normally there is plenty of bunny action, but the squally weather was clearly not on-brand for their needs and so our bunny-watch score at the end of the day was a pitiful 1. And it wasn't even a whole rabbit we saw, just the arse, but the arse is better than nothing I guess.

The squirrel count was also piss-poor and also came out at 1. At least it was a whole squirrel though, not just the back end.

All that remained at the end of our super day was to force Al to stand in a bush to take the perfect whimsical photo of me gazing downwards from a balcony. 

You can actually go inside the stately home, but we've been in that many times we know the drill and as it's been preserved intact for hundreds of years, it's not likely to get a makeover anytime soon. Plus the lighting was shit for photos inside and you can't use a flash.

To finish our day we went to a nearby country pub for a slap-up feed but there is no pictorial evidence because I ate it too fast. 

I hope you like my country-meets-cowgirl ensemble and would love to know how you approach the challenge of an English summer day out.

Tune in next time to see me prance around Calderstones Park wearing yet more charity shop clobber!

Love Laura X

*photos by Al

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