That time when Liverpool was really sunny

During the two days a year that Liverpool is really sunny, I always like to get out and make the most of it. 

Living in the south end, I've got my pick of the parks, so Al and I decided to be daring and go to Calderstones Park rather than our usual Sefton Park option.

For my outfit, I wanted something comfortable and easy to wear so I opted for this Papaya peasant style smock dress with ruched waist and sleeves that I picked up in the Age UK charity shop last year for £4.99. 

I love the colours, patterns and boho vibe of it and the elastic waistband was perfect for the carvery visit which closely followed this walk.

I couldn't be bothered shaving my legs so I teamed the dress with these black leggings that I got many moons ago from St. John's market. A good job I wore them really, as I was able to sit and admire these lovely boisterous flowers without revealing my innards and giblets!

My sandals were also from St.John's market because we all know that not only am I a cheapskate, I also recycle my footwear into countless blogs because I like to 'get the wear' out of things.

For jewellery, I chose this awesome red bow ring which my top pal Jeni got me for my birthday. Isn't it just darling? 

On my bonce is this oh so Extra diamanté jewelled headband. One could be forgiven for thinking it's from the Queen's Crown Jewel collection, but astonishingly, it is actually from the Primark accessories section!

I'm not one for saving splendid items for best, those times may never come or you may be dead by then, so if I feel like wearing something fancy I just bloody well go for it.

My bag is the same British Heart Foundation chazza one I showcased from the last blog, cos it went with my look rather smashingly. I'll probably keep using it for ages until Sarah tells me off and demands to see a different one 😂

I'm starting to see why this bag was pensioned off to the BHF though. The opening of it is so narrow and the structure of it so robust that you can't rummage around in it easily, also the interior is unlined rough leather. I've sandpapered the skin off my knuckles a couple of times trying to get stuff from the bottom of it and I should probably wear gloves to avoid getting injured on the reg.

However, I think if an accessory is as sick as this, it's ok to suffer for it. I have tremendous reserves of tenacity and courage, so will draw on them to guide me through the choppy waters and dark hours of using this bag. 

For any new readers, my sunglasses are from Accessorize and I love them like the deserts love the rain. 

For any existing readers, sorry, I'll make more effort to wear different sunglasses in my future blogs. I've got some new green ones, watch out for them!

On that note, I shall bid you farewell and look forward to seeing you next week. I'll be in London at the time of my next blog post shoot, so I'll be making a lot more effort with my ensembles while I'm there. I can't be wearing any old tat in our capital city!

Love Laura X

*photos by Al

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