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I'm very excited to share this week's blog post with you as I've been to London and it was a most spiffing trip.

Al and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and we also met up with my top pal Jeni for some japes and tomfoolery.

Al suggested staying in Putney as he'd been years ago and remembered it being nice, I'd never been before but thought, 'why the actual heck not? Put me in Putney!'

Pottering around Putters was just marvellous, especially when we stumbled across Bishop's Park and Fulham Palace gardens. You know me, I love a garden and these were pretty fucking special indeed.

There were apples growing in their natural habit, giant sunflowers and exotic blooms galore. And my outfit went with ALL OF IT!!

I procured this boho-gypsy style frock for £10 from eBay many moons ago but thought I'd wait for the London trip to serve up this look. It was the perfect dress for a whimsical afternoon amongst nature and it also ticked the box for British summer-wear when the weather can be sunny, but can also be rainy 10 minutes later.

For my footwear, I donned my usual black blingy sandals that I always wear, I'll spare you the close-up as it's just too tawdry to keep thrusting the same shoes in your faces. 

But I have an exciting new purchase in the form of sunglasses!

These little smashers were a mere £5 from Camden Market and I love the style and pop of red on the cat-eye flick. One could be forgiven for thinking these were a lot more expensive than the fiver I paid, not all that comes from markets is shit folks!

My jewellery for the day was just a simple gold circle choker which cost only £1.50 from Primark. I do love a choker, but the only problem with chokers is that they feel like they are choking you. I can only suffer them for a few hours before the feeling of being strangled becomes overwhelming, but of course, I am happy to suffer for my fashion in the short time I can manage.

My bag for the day was this Primark faux leather saddlebag which I've had for donkey's years, but it's taken a while to rotate its way back to the top of the bag pile. I wish I could recommend it as it looks the bomb, but it's a total piece of shit. The magnetic clasp came off within weeks so I superglued it back on and then it came off again on this here London trip. I will give it one more superglue chance anyway as I do really love it, but if it doesn't work, this accessory will be more historic than the Tower of London.

I don't have a jacket to show you as I foolishly thought that with it being sunny first thing, it would stay sunny in the afternoon. What a tit! I ended up getting caught in a pop-up monsoon, although the dress did itself proud as it's quite thick and repelled a good deal of water. 

If you've never been to Putney, I can highly recommend Bishop's Park and Fulham Palace gardens you know. They are absolute nature goals and the cafe is proper smashing too. It's all so civilised and refined, as well as being blogger backdrop heaven. 

Tune in next week for another London blog and a very special guest, who is NOT cousin Helen!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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