Get The London Look -Part 2

After a little blogging break due to poor internet in Whitby and then poor health in my body, I'm delighted to be back sharing important news about what I've been wearing!

This week I'm bringing you my long-awaited collaboration with my top pal Jeni, who like the good sport she is, decided to dress up and act the goat with me (or should I say leopard..?) when I visited London recently.

For our shoot, we headed to Richmond, as everyone we spoke to in London said we simply must go, plus a quick Google search revealed that proper A-list celebrities live there such as Jerry Hall, Richard E. Grant and David Attenborough. This kind of thing excites my simple mind, but as luck would have it, we didn't spot a single celeb on our visit.

Our style brief for the day was to wear the exact same outfit, a genius concept dreamed up by Jeni which although exquisite in its excellence, was quite poorly executed when we failed to try on our chosen outfits in H&M.

If we'd done that, we would have realised that the matching pink one-shoulder tops we bought looked horrendous and saved ourselves a bunch of cash. Instead, we came to this conclusion on the day of the shoot and had to exchange emergency whatsapps along the lines of, 'that pink top is so tight you can see the bumps on my areola' and 'I'm throwing mine in the bin'.

Luckily, the trews we got were fine because they were loose with an elasticated waist, perfect for novice lazy fashion bloggers who didn't even think to venture into the changing rooms.

So, as one pink top was in the bin and mine was in the process of being chiselled away from my body by engineering specialists, we decided to do a u-turn and wear a white top of our choice instead. However, Jeni didn't have a white top with her when we arrived, so the shoot was plunged into chaos once more.

Luckily, there were chazzas aplenty in Richmond and Jeni managed to snap up this ace ASOS t-shirt with the tags still on from Oxfam. I think you'll agree, it looks boss on her and I hearted the contrast of this casual utilitarian top with my more girly Next blouse that I got in the British Heart Foundation in Liverpool.

Buying stuff ten minutes before a fashion shoot is something I actively encourage here on the blog as I like to keep things fresh and exciting. There's nothing like a good adrenaline rush and also it's not our fault we thought we were 15 and tried to squeeze ourselves into funky tops meant for spring chickens much younger than us.

Leopard print has always been a favourite of mine and these jersey stretchy creations screamed 'buy us' from the sale section in H&M, so we snapped them up for only £5. 

Jeni is not such a devoted fan as I of this animal inspired print, but even she was forced to admit that they were very comfy and could also be worn as PJ's. At our middle-aged time of life, these things matter folks and so these strides scored high on our fashion-o-meter although they lost points for getting baggy around the knees after approx 40 mins wear.

Whilst Jeni was trying on her t-shirt in Oxfam, I had a startling realisation that I'd neglected to bring a stand-out accessory with me for the shoot.   

In order to avoid further fashion blogger fails, I decided to make merry in the Oxfam too and spotted this remarkable wide-brim visor.

This unusually protrusive head-wear seemed a great idea in the shop; it was a bargain at £3 plus it's completely unique. It teetered cleverly along the line between high fashion and completely ridiculous; in short, it was everything you could possibly want from an accessory.

It lasted ten minutes on my head though before a strong gust of wind caught under the hugely extended rim and blew it off into a puddle. Luckily, Jeni's action reflexes saved it from being completely ruined and we were able to integrate it back into the shoot. 

We shared it, because that's what good friends do, although I took it home as I suspect Jeni would prefer not to be associated with it ever again.

For sunglasses, I went for these simply marvellous red spectacles from Camden Market which cost a bargain-tastic £5. The stall-holder was most amused at my purchase and asked if they were 'for my kids' which I found most amusing as I don't have any kids. What's wrong with a grown woman wearing funky shades? My motto has always been, 'If you love it, wear it' and so what if you look like a kid? If those pink tops had been made with just a little bit more 'give', I'd be in one of those too! By the way, that's my own hand on my boob, not Jeni's!

Jeni's lovely yellow specs were purchased in a Formby charity shop, although it is fair to say that due to the mists of time passing, we can't remember which one. An absolutely smashing piece of face furniture and I don't mind admitting that I'm very wistful over not spotting them first.

Jeni also had the presence of mind to don this smashing bracelet that I bought for her birthday. I can't give away the price of course, but it's from Barnardos so we're talking cheap as chips! This was one of those presents where as soon as you've given it, you think, 'oh fucking hell I wanted that, I should have kept it'. But the fact that Jeni did actually receive it serves as a measure of our esteemed friendship and who knows, I may even be able to make off with it surreptitiously next time I'm at her house.

After we'd posed our asses off for a while, Jeni made a stellar suggestion which was to pretend we were a leopard! Genius. 

It's this kind of thing that keeps our friendship thriving after 20 years and I couldn't think of a better way to use our four leopard legs. I'm super glad I got the front of the leopard and I think you'll agree I got into character brilliantly imagining we were prowling across the savannah, stalking prey.

We complemented our outfits with pairs of sandals, mine are in so many blogs that I feel embarrassed to mention them again and unfortunately, the main part of my brain stopped working when I was 42 so I can't remember where Jeni's are from. However, the part of my brain that stores useless information is still very much en pointe, so I can tell you that if Jeni's sandals get wet, they swell up like 2 sponges! 

So that's it for our gay old day in sunny Richmond, we hope you enjoyed seeing what can be achieved when a great idea is executed with very little planning and absolutely no finesse. 

Tune in next time to see me looking wild and whimsical in Whitby!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al 

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