Wild and Whimsical in Whitby

Recently, I've been going through a phase of buying completely impractical and whimsical clothing for no other reason than I just felt like it.

However, I quickly realised that completely see-thru chiffon dresses just don't cut it in the office, unless you work at Stringfellows of course, so I decided instead to save my frivolous frocks for a backdrop more fitting of wild and whimsical wear: Whitby.

Whitby is one of my fav places ever to go on holiday because it ticks all the boxes of what I want and need from a mini-break. In no particular order, these boxes are:

Charity shops aplenty 

Novelty soap shops that are cheaper than Lush

Gluten-free fish batter in the chippy

Cake shops aplenty, also gluey-free



Captain Cook

Boat trips


Kipper shops


People eating fish and chips at 10am

People sat outside having cake at 10am

People eating ice creams at 10am

People in the sea at 10am

Whitby is also the capital of bad tattoos, this isn't mentioned in the brochures but they are well worth a look.

I picked up this dreamy and diaphanous dress for a mere £3.99 in Barnardo's and was instantly captivated by its floral floatiness. I knew it would be perfect for a trip to Whitby Abbey where I could flounce about dramatically, ready for Dracula to swoop and take a bite out of my neck.

I ran into a few issues with my vision however, the first thing was that the dress was so sheer, it disagreed with public decency laws. In order to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure, I had to don a whole layer of foundation garments underneath it. Once you've got leggings and a top under a floaty gown it sort of loses the romantic effect, but I was certainly glad of them at the top of the hill as the wind caused my skirts to billow uncontrollably.

The next issue was that it was £8 to get into the Dracula building. WTF? There was no way we were paying that to see a load of ruins. For £8, I would expect a building I am entering to at least have a roof.

Luckily, Al and I are completely on the same page when it comes to being tight-arses, so he did a quick reccie and found that you could get good pics of the Dracula building from the other side of the wall. 

To accessorise my once wild, but now quite practical dress, I opted for this 70's style necklace which may or may not surprise you to know was from Barnardos. I also added a Primark headscarf and the sunnies that Janet got me for my birthday, which were from Pop Boutique if you're curious.

I'd like to do something a little different in this blog and give a special mention to my lippy if you don't mind. It's one of those NYX 'Lip Lingerie' ones and I'm besotted with it! It goes on a bit like emulsion paint and then sets to a completely indestructible finish. You can enjoy a whole day of scoffing without worrying about fading and I'm completely sure it would be the only part of my makeup to survive a nuclear attack.

On my feet are the usual wretched sandals I've been wearing all summer, even I'm sick of them now but kudos to that £10 stall in St.Johns market in Liverpool! Who'd have thought they would last this long? 

To finish, here's me striking a pose by a bent tree. I can't explain why this happened, it just felt right.

It just sort of inspired me and made me want to do an interpretive dance.  

There were people nearby eyeballing me, but honestly, who cares? Bent trees on this sort of angle don't come along very often!

So that's it for my little holiday blog, I hope you like seeing how I just buy things, struggle to make them work and then create a fashion triumph!

Tune in next time to see me prance about in a field of sheep and completely fail to accessorise my look with any of them!

Love Laura 

*Photos by Al who is legit now my fashion photographer 

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