How to upstage nature WITH YOUR OUTFIT

When Al's Mum suggested we all go for a meal for her birthday, not only did I think, YES PLEASE! I also thought, WHERE ARE WE GOING, WHAT SHALL I WEAR, FASHION BLOG OPPORTUNITY!!!

To be honest, everything I do these days has now become a fashion blog opportunity and I'm not even sorry.

It was decided we should scran in the lush countryside of Newton-in-Bowland, so I selected an outfit which would complement and enhance the nature filled landscape. 

When standing in such beautiful scenery, there is a very real danger you will be upstaged by it, so the trick is to top trump the nature by stealing its colours and wearing them more vibrantly than God could ever have imagined.

That's where this Primark kimono jacket came in. I got it new with the tags on for £7 in Barnardo's and what a joyful moment it was when the tags revealed it should have been £17! 

I love that Primark have taken inspiration from leaves, trees and the sky and then adapted them into outerwear format in a way that enables you to stand next to said inspiration and actually look better than it.

I kept all my underneath bits simple, so the jacket could shine. For trousers, I opted for my £5 plisse culottes with the elasticated waist. 

Elastic is important in life, especially when large amounts of scoffing are involved and these cheap beauts did a great job of hiding my food baby.

My blue and white striped long sleeve top is a relatively new purchase from a chazza in York. We stopped off there on the way home from Whitby and I was most pleased to get my sweaty paws on this great classic wardrobe item. 

For accessories, I busted out this cute little bronze leaf brooch that Al's sis Janet got me for my birthday. I love the vintage, simple elegance of it and I can tell you that after some light to medium questioning, Janet revealed it was from Pop Boutique so I'll be heading down there to see what other treasure they've got.

I was hoping to also accessorise my look with some sheep, but sadly I was unable to persuade them to appear any closer in my blog. I have to say, they were arsey little fuckers when I approached them with my media request. They bleated something about not appearing in blogs for less than 10,000 blades of grass a day and then ran off skittishly. 

I then received an immediate bleatsapp from a nearby ram saying they did not even want to appear in the background shots of a blogger who only has 816 Insta followers, but if I knew Zoella, could I give them a call back!!

The bloody cheek of it. Anyway, I'm posting this anyway as I've done some research and they never check their Sheepogram.

My bag is the same tapestry Venice one from the last blog cos it had all my stuff in already and I couldn't be bothered swapping it over. For anyone new around here, it does not hail from Venice, but a charity shop in Todmorden! One can dream however and in the meantime, it has sparked lots of conversations about Venice and made me more determined than ever to go. Anyone know if they have chazzas in Venice? 

My sunnies are old Primark ones and there's not much to say about them really except that they are an extremely good dupe for a more expensive and well-known brand. As always, my motto is 'why pay more when you can pay less?' and the same goes for my footwear.

Yes folks, it's the Primark gold slingbacks yet again. The £6 shoes that just keep on giving, although I can't recommend wearing them in a field without socks as my feet got stung to fuck by nettles.

So that's it for my tutorial on how to take nature on with your outfit and WIN! A lovely day was had by all and Al's Mum loved her birthday meal out!

Tune in next Wednesday to see me and Cousin Helen strutting around as bold as brass in some remarkably loud get-ups!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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