For this week's blog I just felt like going out looking completely insane and luckily, I'd recently bought a rather mental dress that fitted the bill exactly. I thought I'd see if Cousin Helen wanted to go out looking a tad more flamboyant than usual and guess what, she did!

The theme of our Look was loud maxi dresses, which then led Cuz to dream up the title 'Mad Maxi' for the blog. A stroke of genius, I'm sure you'll agree and so without further ado, I shall explain our outfits!

Although we are both clad in mad maxi's, we have interpreted our overall ensembles completely differently. I went for a full-on boho-chic flower-power seventies gown which cost just £1.99 from Barnardos. I originally thought was vintage, but on inspecting the label it actually turned out to be from Smiffy's fancy dress shop in town! You know me though, I'm not arsed in the slightest about walking around the streets in fancy dress, why wait to be invited to a party? Make the party right now!

Cuz on the other hand went for this exotic leafy pineappley number from the Age UK chazza purchased many moons ago on one of our first bumper clothing haul days. The juxtaposition of both the hippy and fruity vibes combined with the dynamic explosion of colour  emanating from every fibre of our wafting dresses is probably enough for most people's eyeballs, but we are not most people.

Our eyeballs can withstand a LOT more than most peoples and so rather than let the dresses stand on their own merits, we added on loads of accessories and accoutrements which were all fairly outrageous and meritous too.

Take Cuz's necklace for instance. Have you ever seen anything more fucking fantastic in your whole entire life? I would take a gamble that you haven't. This remarkable fruit machine creation is from Tatty Devine who make totally awesome shit which is mind-bogglingly inventive. I adore the brand too but am much more tight with money than Cuz is, so I don't often venture onto their website. Thankfully Cuz is a great cousin though and she bought me a super Tatty Devine seahorse necklace in the early years of our cousinhood, yaaas!

Cuz kept the fruity theme going with this sweet little pineapple ring she got from a craft fair and there's matching earrings on her lug holes too. And is that a pink flamingo bag that a very kind Cuz called Laura got for Helen's birthday recently? Why, yes it is! Guys, get onto Skinnydip if you haven't already, they are winning at bags and I only wish I'd got one of these for myself while I was at it.

For my bag, I stayed on the feathered friend theme with this Primark parrot bag which was a top bargain at £9. It's completely impractical and you can't fit much in it, but that sort of nonsense fades into the background when you accept it for what it is: a fucking brilliant piece of handbag art.

Necklace-wise, I went for this pink rose necklace and a matching bracelet that I got from a chazza in Ruthin when I was on a day out there. Not much to say about this really except it's plastic and it didn't cost much.

And then for an extra layer of something different, I added this long cream fluffy M&S gilet that I got for a pound at a jumble sale in Whitby. I ❤️jumble sales even more than I ❤️ chazzas, but sadly they seem to be largely extinct these days. Which is why I went mental at the Whitby one and got 26 items of clothing. But that's another story, if we're still friends in a year I'll tell you. Now onto our outerwear!

Even though we were feeling super frivolous with our garish garb, we're still quite practical gals at heart and as the weather featured intermittent showers that day, we needed to think smart to avoid getting a horrid soaking. Cuz donned this smart denim jacket from Oxfam with diamanté details and I wore this £5 transparent pink mac so you could still see my dress even in the event of a downpour.

For on our feets we took completely opposing approaches - I modernised my retro inspired look with some pink Converse that I got for £5 from eBay and Cuz adopted a more rad utilitarian vibe with these black chunky boots from Barnardos.

We just managed to get a few more shots in Cuz's yard before the heavens opened and spewed their load, so we headed inside and did a bit of titting about before heading off to Allerton Rd chazzas to buy loads more stuff that we didn't really need.

Here I am accessorising my outfit with Cuz and Jason's toilet seat, which just had to feature in the blog cos it's got fish on it!!

And here we are doing an arty mirror shot and looking most happy.

And here we are again modelling some of Cuz and Jason's record collection. We were desperate to try and accessorise with Cuz's gerbils, but due to their species being nocturnal, they were unavailable at the time of the shoot. I'm sure I could hear them whispering though and it wasn't very complimentary but at least they weren't as outright cheeky as the sheep in my last blog.

So that's it for this week folks, we hope you liked seeing what can be achieved with a completely open mind and not much £££!!!

Tune in next week to see a very surprised me doing an unexpected fashion shoot with some rather spiffing atmospheric conditions as a backdrop! 

Love Laura and Cuz X

*Photos by Jason Wesley-Biggs 

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