Holy pink smoke!

Dear friends, I have to confess that this week's fashion blog ensemble came about purely by accident. I just wasn't feeling the fashionista vibe due to horrendous ennui and a bunch of other unpleasant emotional maladies.

This is real life folks and so I decided not to be a fashion blogger that day and instead, go for a walk in Sefton Park to see if it would rebalance my mental chemicals. I decided to take Al too, cos he always makes me feel better and he always buys me can of fizzy pop.

All of a sudden Al exclaimed, 'there's loads of pink smoke over there, what do you want to do?' and I was like, 'what do you mean?' and he further exclaimed, 'you have a pink coat on, there's pink smoke, fashion blog???'

And I was back in the room. Al's quick thinking and the pink smoke snapped me right out of my stupid mood and I knew I had to seize the moment and screw my fashion blogger head back on.

Turns out we had stumbled across a charity fun-run and I was able to capitalise on the pink smoke that was billowing across the runners, to chance my luck on a few cheeky pics. 

It was like they knew I was coming and I just had to accept that being a fashion blogger was meant to be. Even in my quagmire of mental mush, the Universe had conspired to find environmental conditions which matched my outfit beautifully!

The pink fluffy coat I'm wearing here is actually last seasons Primark and it's like wearing a big cuddly candy floss. A big fluffy moulting candy floss; this faux fur is a bit of a faux pas when teamed with dark clothing!

Within seconds of being enveloped in the pink smoke, it had penetrated all the fibres of my clothes and instead of breathing a curated blend of 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 1% argon and carbon dioxide plus other trace gases, I was now breathing in PURE PINK. 

For health and safety reasons, I stepped out of the pink, which gave me the perfect opportunity to show you the rest of my gear.

You may be thinking that dress I'm wearing looks a lot like a nightie, that's because it is. Inspired by a lovely lady called Hana on the Instagram, I've started wearing nightwear as daywear. I can't believe I haven't done this sooner, as vintage nightdresses are super pretty and they are great for those days when you're not convinced that getting out of bed is actually a good idea.

This florally lacy little number was only £3.99 from eBay and in fact, I think it's the exact same one Hana has. I'm excited to see what other nightgowns I can find and wear in the day, especially as I own most items of clothing that it's possible to own now, so I need fresh inspiration.

I wore my nightie over a long sleeve grey top and some new jeans that I threw in a 'fill a bag for £1.99' thing at Barnardo's. I couldn't believe it when they actually fitted, what are the chances of that even when you have got time to inspect your purchase properly? I fully expected they were a 'buy to sell' item but thanks to the stretchy fit which afforded them lots of 'give', I was able to squash my gelatinous tripe stomach into them with relative ease.

For on my foots, I wore these Primark pretend Converse which were grey when I left the house, but then they became pink. And they are still pink because I'm too lazy to clean them, but that's ok because I quite like the effect. I think I prefer the grass in the park pink too, but don't tell anyone!

We thought we'd taken advantage of all the smoke based fashion shoot opportunities, then lo and behold, further along the path there was orange smoke! Couldn't have been more fucking perfect as my nightie has orange flowers in it and my bag has orangey tones too!

It's that same Venice chazza bag yet again, but I hope you'll let me off 'cos as I say, this wasn't meant to be a 'look' per se.

Needless to say, as soon as I entered the orange smoke, everything I was wearing started to turn orange. That's ok though because I like the trainers both pink and orange more than I liked them just pink.

There was drumming going on in the orange and I must admit, I lost myself a little in the beat. I love my face in this pic because I look completely mental and it cheers me up every time I see it. Also, let this photo serve as a warning about the dangers of continued pink and orange smoke inhalation!

I felt much better after our lovely smoky walk, although when I blew my nose later, pink and orange came out.

Tune in next time to see the monstrous amount of swag I got at the Open Door chazza 'fill a bag for £10' event! There's so much stuff I don't actually know what looks I'll be creating yet!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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