What I wear to work

For this week's blog I thought I'd venture into the world of workwear and show you exactly how I create an exciting and dynamic fusion of professional and personal style.

Obvs, I couldn't shoot my look in work as that's not good or right, so I hauled ass to the Anglican Cathedral which actually went with my outfit a lot better.

I can sum up my job by describing it as 'relatively sensible', which requires me to look like I know what I'm doing and present a polished and groomed appearance that gives off the vibe of having my shit together.

With this in mind, I make a conscious effort to knock the edges off my more wacky and 'out there' ensembles, but that doesn't mean I compromise on personal style, oh no sir, no fucking way!

I'm a firm believer in expressing my personality at all times through my outfit NO MATTER WHAT. I've had jobs in the past which required the wearing of a uniform - absolutely the worst possible case scenario when it comes to outfits. Despite getting reprimanded for chopping 6 inches off the bottom of my nasty polyester supermarket dress, I still stand by my opinion that it looked better as a mini dress. Also, combining it with chunky black boots and bright red lippy drastically elevated my image from faceless drone of servitude to hip punk-inspired foxy chick. This was confirmed by the local tramp who popped in for essentials every day who said all the girls should shorten their dresses and then added I was 'the most attractive girl who had ever worked on the cigarette counter'

Anyway, I digress. I was a young and silly 17 year old back then. I'm a lot more grown-up and sensible now and have learned a lot from this experience. Mainly to not get jobs where you have to wear a uniform.

Today's look is a great example of the type of look I'd wear to work and I think it ticks all the boxes of looking smart and put-together, whilst perfectly encapsulating the essence of Laura.

It centres around some of my freshly hauled items from the Open Door charity shop 'Fill a Bag for £10' event, which was one of the best nights of my life!!!

Legit I'm not even messing, I went completely mad and filled FIVE bags! There was so much good quality clobber in my size that I shot around the shop like a bat out of hell with a rocket up its jacksy. To my amusement, the Open Door chazza staff filmed the early onslaught of customers and my crazy excitable face ended up plastered all over their Instagram! 

This skirt and top are two of my favourite picks from the evening. I'd seen this Primark pink sparkly jumper glistening enticingly from the queue and managed to grab it without looking too desperate, which is quite a skill at these events. A modicum of decorum had to prevail; this was no jumble sale and I was very impressed at everyone's politeness, especially my own. 

Next up I spotted this rather lovely skirt which turned out to be from M&S and still had the tags on for £35!!! 

After a pseudo-genteel 'could I possibly squeeze past you' to the lady next to me, I grabbed this beauty in my sweaty paws. There was no time to work out what the print was, to be honest I'm still not sure now, weeks later. Maybe sushi? Probs not as Marks aren't known for novelty design, I'll settle for abstract.

As you can see, I was winning at fill a bag night with just these 2 items and they only represented about one-sixth of one bag!!! There will be more Open Door looks coming soon, don't worry. We could be doing outfits from the bags for some considerable time!

Moving onto accessories, I chose to do a double necklace thing as I couldn't decide which one to wear. 

The larger musical score pendant was a gift from Al's sister Janet and the smaller gold circle necklace actually has a little story behind it.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.


A brand called Civion got in touch recently to ask if I'd like some free jewellery. Of course, I fucking bit their hand off and they very generously said I could pick 2 items from their website. I chose this little circle necklace and also a black choker that has a circle hanging off it. I love a circle, in fact I enjoy them more than any other shape. I like the fact they don't have a beginning or an end, both of which can be quite stressful. 

Anyway, what they didn't tell me was that the shipping wasn't free and it was 6 Euros per item. And they don't combine shipping so it cost me 12 Euros for the two necklaces which isn't bad, but it isn't free. Also they were both ordered on the same day and one came after 2 weeks and one came after 40 days which is just ludicrous! And when I contacted their customer service about the delay I didn't get an answer.

The deal was I'd wear them on my Instagram and offer my followers a 25% off discount code. Every time someone used my discount I'd then get a cut of the profit. 

In all honesty, they can eat my shorts as I don't think this jewellery is worth the price, even with a discount and it's certainly not worth the wait. I've seen similar in Primark for a lot less. 

However, this proves I'm on some kind of fashion radar at least and perhaps Tiffany or Pandora would like to contact me re: affiliate links? Can anyone hear me? I'll settle for Prestons of Bolton?

Moving onto my snazzy new boots!

Guys, I was winning at life the day I found these little smashers in the Primark sale for 8 quid! I was immediately struck by their strong exact resemblance to the Gucci ones. I couldn't be sure, but it was as though someone had completely copied the design and then mass produced them for high street consumption.

I love everything about them, the loafer-ankle boot hybrid, the gold buckle and of course, the colour. I can't even put my finger on what actual colour it is, but it's a vibrant shimmery bronzey aubergine shade if that helps. They had shitloads of them, even the £8 price tag hadn't shifted them but I was bedazzled by their hypnotic beauty. 

Perhaps they aren't to everyone's (or anyone's) taste and maybe not everyone would wear them to work, but I adore them and thought they sassed up the rest of my outfit perfectly.

The grey tights I have on with this outfit were also from Primark but I can't recommend them as they are total shite. I got them in size L/XL and I think it's fair to say I'm not humongous, so why did they nearly cut off the circulation to my intestines? As soon as I put them on I couldn't breathe and started sweating. I decided to cut the waistband a little to create more 'give' but it wasn't enough; as soon as I sat down in them I felt like my guts were about to implode. I was forced to then cut a massive chunk out of the front which felt immediately better, but I'd fucked up my new tights and they were inching down my legs all day. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be writing a strongly worded letter to Primark over this and I shall keep you informed of their response!

My coat for the day was also Primark, nothing wrong with this apart from it being a tad boring. I find that plain outerwear can nicely tone down any other fancy shizz in your work outfit and pull factors like glitter and shimmer into some sort of rational perspective.

I'll only make a brief reference to my bag as I've been tardy and used the same Venice tapestry one that's been in thousands of blogs. Sorry! I've got tons of bags too, but they're all in storage boxes on the wardrobe and I'm too feeble to lift them down. I promise I'll do crop rotation on my bags real soon!

So that concludes my take on how to incorporate your own style into a work-based setting. Work doesn't have to be a pair of black trousers and one of those tops that's like a jumper, but which has a shirt collar and cuffs sewn to it!

On a final note, Al and I popped inside the cathedral after our shoot and imagine my surprise when I saw this!

The Church is doing pink neon signs! 

It was difficult to photograph but it says, 'I felt you and I know you loved me' 

Hmmm!! Is it just me or is that a bit rude?

Anyway I shall bid you farewell and look forward to seeing you in my next blog, when who knows what will be happening! Have a great week my loves!

Laura X

*Photos by Al

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