Exciting times featuring a new special guest!

This week I’m coming at you with a retrospective look at a very exciting time I had recently. I’m also delighted to introduce my top pal Sarah to the blog who is part of said exciting time!

Without further ado, here is the lovely lass herself. Not only is she a boss friend, she is something of a style maven and I’m jealous of approximately 100% of her wardrobe. Unlike me, she is prepared to shell out actual cash on new clothes, but like me exactly, she enjoys a strong chazza game too. 

And here’s me, I bet you’ve forgotten what I look like haven’t you! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few weeks, I was struck down in my prime by some vile germs but as always, I’m back to annoy you all on the internet at the earliest available opportunity.

To be honest, Sarah had no intention of being in my blog, I’ve asked her a few times and always got told to fuck off. But when I saw how fab her outfit was that day, I knew I had to feature her. I decided the best way to this was to go in with lots of flattery, some low-to-medium level bullying with extra added begging thrown in.

As you can see, it worked a treat and I’m stoked to share her awesome ensemble with you! First up, let’s talk about that cool coat from Hobbs. Loving the red and black colour-way and stylish cut for starters. And it’s reversible! The inside is just plain black which I think is sartorial genius; you get 2 coats for the price of one and you choose whether you want a classic or funky outerwear look. I honestly think that if all coats were reversible, it would solve a lot of fashion dilemmas in the morning. Not to diss Hobbs or anything, but I would have also added a removable hood. 

While we’re on the subject of coats, I shall discuss mine. I went for my faux fur green Topshop jacket as it was rather chilly and I like to look like a big wild fluffy green animal. I got it from eBay new with tags for £45 when it should have been £75. A mega win in anyone’s books, but then the day I bought it, I found £20 in the street so it was only £25!! That sat even better in my tight-arse mind, if you’ve been with the blog for a while you’ll know that I HATE spending proper money on clothes!

Moving onto Sarah’s actual outfit, I abso adore this simple yet stylish grey button-down dress with tie waist. Purchased from the La Redoute catalogue, it is the epitome of chic French style. 

Sarah very cleverly and stylishly paired her tres bien dress with a rather smashing cardigan from TK MAXX featuring the most adorable coloured buttons. I love a little cute something extra like this, details are important in life and even more so in cardigans!

Now let’s talk about these bomb-ass  shoes from Fly London. My face turned a vibrant Kermit the frog hue when I clapped eyes on these. I was sick to the very core with envy and I kept staring at Sarah’s feet like some sort of mentalist. These shoes have had such a profound effect on me that I’ve decided to take drastic action. Are you ready for this - I’m not going to buy ANY MORE £6 shoes from Primark and instead, I’m going to save up all my £6’s and buy a proper pair of shoes from Fly London instead! What the actual heck? Where has Laura gone, you may well ask because I don’t even know.

Adding a pair of floral tights from Tesco 5 years ago, Sarah proved that you can be warm AND fashionable in the leg department.

A cute little ladybird necklace topped off this smashing ensemble. Described as being from ‘the fancy jewellers in Southport’, one can only assume it is made of quality and sturdy ingredients. The fact it’s also been doing the rounds for 20 years would verify this, for not a scratch or tarnish damages it’s bugtastic form. 

For her handbag, Sarah sported this rather lush Ted Baker number. Would love one of these myself but have yet to find one in Barnardo’s chazza!

And now onto my splendiferous ensemble..

I felt like looking like I was from the 90’s that day, so I busted out these plaid pants I got from eBay earlier in the year. They’re vintage M&S and we’re possibly owned by Simon Cowell as they feature an exceedingly high waist. 

I threw on a red glittery belt with them and then applied a layered top combo to my upper half.

I got this top with a penguin on the left bazoom ages ago in a chazza, but it had become lost under mounds of unsorted bargains. Thankfully, a frantic search for something to go with these trousers unearthed it and I couldn’t be happier that it has finally seen the light of day. Penguins are probably my favourite of all God’s creatures and who wouldn’t want to wear one on their left love pillow? 

For on my trotters, I opted for my old faithful Office studded booties. Had them for years, will continue to have them for years.

Accessories-wise, I kept it real simple with this fab lips ring which was a gift from Al’s sister Janet. I believe it came from Oxfam and it’s been a very welcome addition to my jewellery collection.

I know you’re probably thinking ‘yeah, so you met Sarah in the Bluecoat Gardens and both wore some rad A F gear, but why is that exciting?’ Well my dear chums, I can tell you that our meeting was not just to be fashionable, it was to rehearse for a STAND-UP COMEDY COMPETITION!

Yes folks, after a 17 year break from being funny on stage, we decided the time was right to resurrect our comedy double act and enter the Funny Women heats in Manchester!

And so began months of writing and surreptitious meeting up to rehearse, all in secret, as we were shitting ourselves about people finding out and wanting to come and watch. 

We did bloody loads of gigs back in the day and even got through to the semi-finals of a channel 4 competition, but the extended haitus had addled our inscrutable middle-aged brains and knocked our confidence somewhat.

I can tell you now that we were thinking of going home right up until 10 minutes before we went on stage.  Those pre-performance nerves are better than any probiotic yoghurt for getting your bowels moving, that’s all I’ll say, but we did it!

And here’s the proof! We don’t find out whether we got through the heat until mid-December, so keep your fingers crossed for us! Everyone’s invited to the next gig too, cos we fully have our mojo back and we might not even take our scripts on stage with us next time!

Tune in next time to see what happened when the fashion blog went on tour to Switzerland!

Love Laura X

*photos by me and Sarah. Oh and Mike took the one of us on stage

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