Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas Markets are one of my favourite parts of the festive build-up. I try to go at least twice every time they’re on, as it’s such a cosy time wandering around, taking in the seasonal ambiance and stocking up on Christmassy shit.

This celebratory event is the one time my fashion priorities change from Style First to Warmth First.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to combine warmth and style and I do believe that with this faux fur hooded coat I have achieved this!

This Afghan boho hippy 70’s style creature of a coat is my absolute favourite new purchase. I reckon you are all gonna die when I tell you that it cost me only FIVE POUNDS!!!! 

No one was more surprised than me when I saw this crazy fluffy beast languishing about on eBay with such a low starting bid. For some reason, the rest of the eBay community is bonkers and showed no interest in it. Henceforth I won it outright and even with £4.99 postage on it, I still had a fucking awesome coat for under £10!!!

It was new without tags and consequently in mint condition. It’s got faux fur on the inside too and when I’m wearing it, a thermoelectric generator has nothing on me! It seems to be made of the same stuff they insulate spacecrafts with and it did an ace job of keeping me toasty around the rather chilly market environs.

Since owning this coat, I’ve also developed huge biceps from the effort of lifting its excessive bulk. It’s saved me the bother of going to the gym, however it’s so cumbersome and unwieldy, it lost control of itself and attacked someone in work the other day!

I’d hung it on the coat stand as per the usual office practice, however when my colleague removed his coat from the stand at lunchtime, the weight of my massive furry friend caused the whole coat stand to come crashing down upon him!

Obvs I apologised and promised to send the coat to behaviour management classes on the immediate, but I couldn’t help feeling chuffed at how it had shown its fighting spirit in the workplace.

My only criticism of this wondrous outerwear item is the sleeves. 

They are approx 6 inches too short, which is weird as the coat is my size. It could well be my fault though as I do have very long monkey arms. A professional dressmaker once commented that I had the longest arms she’d ever measured, I wasn’t sure whether this was a compliment, but I took it as one nonetheless. Perhaps I am still mostly monkey and less evolved into a human than I thought, but I love this coat so much I’m prepared to put up with six inches of my arms hanging out of the sleeves.

My actual outfit is comprised of a rather smashing aubergine PVC skirt from last winter’s Primark sale, plus a grey polo neck. Considering the skirt is made of extremely squeaky plastic, it’s surprisingly wearable and I am very taken with the buckle detail on the side.

The actual price of this shiny stunner has been forgotten in the mists of time, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it came in at well under a tenner.

The grey polo neck was a relatively new second hand purchase from a chazza that’s so basic, it’s simply called ‘Charity Shop’. I don’t mind telling you it’s 2 sizes bigger than what I am, but that’s OK because I can’t bear any kind of clinginess around the fun-bag area.

For head-gear, I busted out this new pink beret I got at Skipton market many moons ago. Lord knows why I haven’t worn this before as no sooner than it was on my head, I LOVED it! 

I’m now after berets in every imaginable colour as I didn’t realise they could perk up an outfit so well. They are also super useful for keeping wayward locks in order and also disguising any laziness in the lock washing department.

Leg and foot-wise, I went for ASOS grey tights and some black ankle boots that I got last year for £5 from one of those ‘knock-off’ shops which litter the streets of Liverpool. I believe they were knocked off from the F&F range at Tesco, but I think it’s OK to wear knock-off stuff, as long as you haven’t knocked it off yourself.

My bag is the same Primark one from the last blog, as cross-body is always best when venturing into the public arena. You can’t examine Christmas items galore and scoff Bratwursts and 50 flavours of fudge unless your hands are free folks!

To digress slightly, the treats at the Manchester market are just simply heavenly. If like me, you are consigned to a life of strict gluten-free eating, you need to head down here on the double. Vast quantities of the stalls have GF options and the  stall holders even helpfully yell ‘not that one!’ if you accidentally pick the wrong chocolate up in your tongs. 

All in all, the Manchester Christmas markets are a super day out and that’s why I’m heading back there again once payday hits.

Tune in next time to see what I got up to at a Christmassy event closer to home! 

Love you all! But not just to the moon and back because that’s a real shit lame-ass sentiment. The moon is the nearest planet, it’s practically outside the fucking door! NO, I love you all to the MACSO647-JD galaxy and back. That’s 13.3 billion light years away! 

Laura X

*photos by Al

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