Time for Teal

I was never that much of a Christmassy person, that is until I met my partner Alan. Aside from Santa, he’s quite possibly the most festive person on the planet and its one of his most endearing qualities.

The moment the 1st December hits, he transforms into Christmas Alan and begins to execute an entire month of festive plans, activities and traditions.

The Manchester Christmas markets last week signalled phase one of the celebrations, this week we hit up another of our regular Xmas events, our local church Christmas fair.

The main factors included in my outfit choice today centred around the freezing weather and almost certain freezing temperatures in the church. 

I needed to feel and look HOT, so I opted for this new teal Primark dress layered over leggings and a polo neck.

Of course, I didn’t need a new dress but I was in Primark doing some Christmas shopping and couldn’t pass this up when I saw it was reduced to THREE POUNDS!!!!

I was immediately struck by its oh so Extra sleeves, wide enough to hide even the droopiest bingo wings and possibly roomy enough to store your packed lunch in too. The delicate pearl embellishments are just the most adorable whimsical touch too, in my humble opinion. 

Al said the sleeves reminded him of something Adam Ant would wear, high praise indeed!

There’s no pics of me actually in the Christmas fair as that would have interfered too much with my rummaging, which I take extremely seriously. Also it was very dark, as you can see from my post rummage scene snapping shots.

The church in question has only the finest swag available for purchase as it’s in quite a well-to-do area, so I like to hunker down and keep my haul game strong.

I don’t mind admitting that 80% of everyone’s Christmas presents come from this fair. It is filled with stalls full of the most random and joyful gifts imaginable, loads of which are new in packets which people have donated without ever using.

And there’s a band on, cake stalls and SANTA!! For a modest 50p entrance fee, it really is the perfect afternoon out. 

As we are now in full-on winter mode in the UK, I donned this woolly Pom Pom hat, also from Primark. I don’t mind at all being a walking advert for Primark and so it stands to reason that my polo neck is also from there. 

And so is my bag. This post is not sponsored by Primark by the way, but I think you’ll agree it bloody well should be. I can’t believe that after nearly a year of doing free advertising for them, they haven’t reached out for me to be their store mascot! Come on Big P, you know it makes sense.

Something that doesn’t make any sense is over the knee boots. Fellow fashionistas, how are you all keeping them up? Mine just fall down constantly and I don’t know if there’s some technique I’m missing, or if I need to gain weight on my knees? I pulled them up for these photos, but most of the time they are about 6 inches below the knee boots. 

I thought it might be because they were £20 from St.Johns market, but a quick lunchtime poll in work revealed that this seems to be a common occurrence in the world of women’s footwear. 

I thought wearing them over these H&M leggings might help, but alas, they were still slouchy A F after only walking a few metres. Are there such things as over the knee boot braces??

I thought we could play a fun game now called ‘guess where my coat is from’. Folks, you will never guess, not in a million years, so here’s a clue. It begins with P - good luck!!

Dear readers, I can tell you that I cleaned up at that Christmas fair and if you know me in real life, you should watch out for some extra marvellous and quite insane gifts this year. Some of the stuff I got sadly isn’t making it into your stockings as it was just too good, so I’m keeping it. Al also scored some boss swag, the highlight of which was a 3ft cuddly snowman which we didn’t need, but which we of course welcomed into our home as though it was our child.

So that’s it for another festive and Primark themed blog, I have no idea what I’ll be featuring next week but tune in anyway as it’s bound to be brilliant! 

Love you! Mean it!

Laura X

*Photos by Al 

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