A Day at Dobbies

Recently I enjoyed a smashing trip to Dobbies garden centre with Alan and some fam members. Dobbies is the winner of garden centres in my humble opinion and I don’t let the fact I haven’t got a garden stop me from enjoying all the delightful things it has to offer. 

As well as garden related paraphernalia, Dobbies offers a fantastic range of foods, pet supplies, middle aged people’s outdoor wear, fish of varying sizes and descriptions plus THE BEST Christmas goods and displays you have ever seen in all your born days.

It’s also good for fashion shoots, which leads me nicely onto the outfit I was wearing. It probably won’t surprise you in the least to hear that I’m rocking yet more Primark attire. This bold blue balloon-sleeve number is a brand new purchase and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say it is EVERYTHING.

Guys, it’s so soft and cosy, plus it’s thick enough to hide ALL the lumps and bumps. At £13 it’s a top bargain and turns out it’s also perfect for kissing reindeer in! By the end of the day, I’d been requested to purchase 2 more by Al’s Mum and sister for their Christmas gift. So if you don’t want to miss out on being part of the blue balloon sleeve club, get in quick as I’m going to grab more on Thursday.

While I was in Primark, I also spotted this cute hat with a fetching coloured Pom Pom sprouting from the top. 

At £3, I couldn’t leave it behind and who wouldn’t want a trifle coloured Pom Pom sticking out of the top of their head?!!!

My coat for the day was NOT from Primark, in fact I got it from a charity shop in Richmond when I was there this summer. A work of sartorial genius, this outerwear piece combines crazy patterns, quirky buttons and random seafaring images in the most whimsical way possible.

I was with my pal Jeni when I got it and she remarked that it was ‘made for me’. I couldn’t agree more and this, my friends is why I love chazzas. I’ve never seen anything like this creation anywhere else and probably never will. I didn’t realise what my wardrobe was missing until I locked eyes with this coat and now owning it has imbued me with LIFE.

Below the jumper dress, I’m sporting a pair of black leggings with some black over the knee boots. Since my last post where I struggled to keep these boots up, I am not pleased to report that I am STILL struggling to keep them up. 

God loves a trier, so I’ll keep going with this tricky footwear challenge but I think for my next purchase of OTK boots, I’ll get the ones that have laces or elastic at the back. Life’s tough enough without dealing with a slouchy boot situation, amirite?

My arm candy for the day was this awesome tapestry style rope handle 

bag I got for £2 at my local church Christmas fair. 

My thinking around accessories was ‘mad coat, fairly mad hat, best keep it low-level mad with the bag.’Of course, you can go high-level mad with everything if you so desire, but I think it’s best to choose one main statement item - in this case, the coat and let it shine by toning everything else down. 

But then I immediately toned it all right back up again by accessorising with a load of cuddlies for this photo. They were just so cute though and if they hadn’t been a tenner a pop, my house would certainly be overrun with them now!

I did take advantage of the 20% off Christmas decorations offer though and purchased a couple of tree ornaments of rather cute squirrel and robin designs. On the way out I also threw in a pack of charity Christmas cards as I seem to have been a bit slack and not sent any yet this year. Al bought some totes fragrant pine cones too and they’ve made Casa Del Fashion Blogger smell festive A F, can highly recommend!

So that’s it for this week’s fashion shenanigans, I’m on a festive roll right up to Christmas, so tune in next week to see what seasonal fun I get up to! 

Love Laura X 

*Photos by Al

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