The Festive Poncho

Due to extreme busyness, several bouts of illness and a couple of broken teeth, I’ve sadly had to take a back seat from fashion blogging of late.

Things are now thankfully getting back to normal and I hope you all had a super time over the festive season and didn’t crack your gnashers two mouthfuls into your Christmas dinner like I did!

For my first blogs of 2018, I’ll be sharing some of the outfits I donned over Christmas as I have a sh*tload of photos backed up that I’m eager to run by you all.

My opening gambit is a look I put together for a meal at Ruthin Castle in Wales. Alan takes me almost every year and it is a fine and opulent affair with posh crackers and everything.

I pondered what to wear for some considerable time; I was initially going to dress up like a princess as I thought it would be a fetching look against the castle backdrop. But then I remembered I was 46, so probably too old to be envisioning such nonsense and also the princessy dress I had in mind was in the wash. After much psychological perambulating, I opted for this festive poncho instead which was a lot more suitable for both the cold weather and the excessive amounts of eating that took place.

Who even knew there was such a thing as a festive poncho? I certainly didn’t, that was until I sat percolating on how to bring something different to the fashion blogger Christmas table. I have Christmas jumpers of course, but starting this blog has made me realise I need to up my game in every area of my wardrobe.

So I trawled the length and breadth of eBay until I happened upon these mass produced but yet totally unique ponchos in a variety of festive designs. For only £10, I had achieved my goal to maintain individuality but also throw a polite nod to the festive season.

In order to let the poncho pack a punch, I kept everything else I was wearing very simple - black trousers, black polo neck and my trusty H&M baker boy cap.

My bag is an oldie, but a goodie. Purchased almost exactly a year ago from Affleck’s Palace in Manchester, it has featured in many blogs and undoubtedly will continue to do so.

Footwear-wise, I opted for my now 6 year old Converse; Ruthin’s got charity shops you know and I needed something comfortable to walk around in after we’d stuffed our faces.

We were lucky enough to have the whole dining room to ourselves the day we went, which was just top banana 🍌. Also, if you’re gluten-free like me, I can highly recommend the castle menu - especially if you’re finicky too and don’t like Christmas cake/pudding or mince pies. The nice waiter and chef took on board my whingey cries and rustled up a delicious Eton Mess for me, which very quickly became an Eaten Mess.

So that's it for my first festive look, I hope it's given you a greater insight into the world of Christmas attire available and shown that there's more to seasonal outfits than the standard Christmas Jumper!

Tune in next time if you're not sick of Christmas, as there's more festive looks coming!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Al

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