New Stuff I got for Christmas! - Part One

I was lucky enough this Christmas to receive some awesome swag from friends and family. As always, I was amazed and impressed that everyone managed to achieve the ‘Gold Standard’ of gift giving - which is where I open it and exclaim, ‘I couldn’t have chosen better myself’

As I got so much wizard stuff, I’m going to split it into two posts so I don’t miss anything, or skimp on delighted expectorations.

First up is this bloody gorgeous necklace from my top chum Jeni. It ticks the sartorial boxes of all that a necklace should be; chunky, colourful, quirky and hangs at just the right length. The wrong length includes:

Too close to the neck so it chokes you

Too far below the melons so it slaps up and down when you walk

Rests exactly on the melons, which if you have big fruits, is only going to draw attention to said protrusions.

I totes adore the gold chain detail too and the fact there’s just one gold bead connecting the stones. It’s handmade too, which is ace as it’s always good to support the independent folk having a bash as making a creative living.

Also from Jeni is this Top Banana bracelet in black and orange spotted design.

What I particularly loved about this arm candy is that it’s both wide and skinny at the same time. I love an unstructured but shapely approach to most things in life, especially jewellery and this bracelet is killing it in the bangle category. 

Again, Jeni was killing it sockly with these super festive foot coverings. 

WITH POM POMS ON! Because all socks are 100% better with a 3D fluffy element. Obviously, I wore all Jeni’s gifts at once because that is just the way I do things. They compromised the sum total of the accessories zone of my Christmas Day Outfit, the rest of which I kept quite simple so my socks and jewels could do the talking.

I always go out for Christmas Dinner with Alan and his family to a lovely little country pub in Great Budworth. None of us can be arsed cooking a Christmas meal, so it’s the perfect option and I can highly recommend it even though it’s super-expensive. 

As massive amounts of eating were the main focus of the day, I dressed myself accordingly in base layers of stretchy leggings and a black jersey dress. I was also thinking that black would hide any excessive perspiration; it’s a very cosy and packed little gaff and I’m sure we’re all familiar with the uncomfortable phenomena of ‘meat sweats’ too.

But obvs you can’t go out in December with just one layer on so I added this vintage cardigan that I got from a chazza in Ruthin. I thought the delicate red and green design was the perfect nod to the festive season and pearl buttons are always a good idea. 

I had no intention of wearing a headband that day, but as I was leaving the house I remembered I hadn’t dyed my roots for eons and they looked an absolute show. To hide the regrowth, I donned this vintage red scarf I got from Oxfam. This is one of my top tips for the lazy folk amongst us, people will think you’ve made a big effort but unless you tell everyone the truth in your fashion blog, no one will ever know you’re just tardy!

Another pro-tip of mine - when you’ve gone far beyond being able to hide your roots with a headband, it is time to welcome THE HAT!

My footwear for the day was a simple pair of black slip-ons. I got these at the Open Door chazza’s ‘fill a bag for £10’ event and as they are wafer thin and very squash-uppable,  I have estimated they took up approximately 1/68th of a bag and consequently cost about 2p. They were the perfect shoe for a day of being in the car, eating and then being in the car again. 

To conclude, it was a lovely Christmas Day and dinner made all the more special with my totes adorbs gifts. Even breaking a tooth 2 mouthfuls into my meal could not piss on my fire (gluten-free stuffing should carry a warning!!)

I hope your Christmas was divine too and that you were also able to accessorise to perfection with shit that your mates got you. 

Tune in next time to see yet more awesome paraphernalia gifted to me by very knowing and clever folk!!

Love Laura X

*Photos by Alan, of course 

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