Like A Virgin (not)

When I found out I was going to Venice, my first thought was, ‘Shit! What does one even wear to Venice!’ All manner of ideas were hurtling through my giddy brain. I pondered finery, glamour, luxury, grandeur and opulence amongst other things. 

Then I remembered Madonna had filmed her ‘Like A Virgin’ video in Venice and I thought it would be totes awesome to recreate a couple of looks she wore whilst gyrating around on a gondola.

Madonna is my spirit animal and she was a huge influence on me as a teenager. Her unique style is something I’ve always admired. Like me, she doesn’t give a fuck and who better to emulate on my first trip to this fine city.

I decided to pay homage to Madonna’s outfits rather than copy them exactly. Mainly because she was young, slim and foxy in these 80’s looks and I am middle-aged, slightly porky and prone to mosquito bites (hence the lack of visible flesh)

I also opted not to wear a ton of crucifixes and other religious artifacts, as I feel it’s a tad lame and disrespectful to make fashion out of faith, especially when you don’t have a faith and are more of an evolution kind of gal.

However, I enjoyed throwing on a veritable mish-mash of layered necklaces from various chazzas instead and can recommend that choosing light, plasticy versions is the key to avoid being weighed down by your own jewellery.

I was most surprised to learn that the 80 Euro gondola ride fee didn’t allow any of the things Madonna got away with, such as standing up while it was moving, gyrating around and singing ‘Like A Virgin’. As I am just a simple peasant and not an international music icon, I had to settle for some rather boring and static photos while the gondola was still docked, but I tried my best to make it work.

By making it work, I mean I stood up on the ground and not on a wobbly moving boat which was also much better for health and safety reasons.  

I also wore a coat, because unlike carefree Madonna, I am extremely practical and Venice is known for its sudden downpours.

I opted for this black and silver sparkly number I got in a chazza many moons ago. I’d never worn it up to now as it made me look like a bingo caller. But it turned out to be the perfect cover-up for this historic re-enactment.

Madonna’s arm candy followed the same format as the necklaces; ‘more is more’, so I followed suit with my interpretation below.

Predictably, two of my bracelets are from charity shops but not predictably at all, one is from Thailand! The tan cuff with turquoise stones was an ace gift from Al’s sister and I bet my bottom dollar Madonna hasn’t got one.

Thankfully, the second look I chose to recreate didn’t involve boarding any boats. 

All I had to do was add a green lace top which was easily sorted with a quick trip to the British Heart Foundation chazza. I opted for mint green rather than the lime colour Madonna had, as it was fookin’ impossible to find a neon green one. 

Perhaps I should have been looking in fancy dress shops, but as you know, it’s against my principles to shop anywhere except Primark, chazzas and eBay. 

On the plus side, mint green will have added longevity far beyond Madonna photo shoots. 

I had SO much fun prancing around Venice dressed like Madonna and researching this look made me fall in love with her all over again. Her 80’s style kicked major ass and I’m tempted to make this a regular feature and recreate all her early looks on the blog. 

Which one should I do next?

Love Laura X 

First look:

Royal blue leggings - eBay

Black dress - eBay 

Black long-sleeve top - H&M

Jacket - charity shop

Pumps - Primark 

Belt - Primark 

Necklaces/bracelets - charity shops 

Earrings - eBay 

Second look:

Same except for mint green top - BHF charity shop

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