Vibrant and Vivacious Venice

When I found out I was going to Venice, along with thinking, ‘shit, what will I wear?’ I also thought, ‘shit, will I have enough adjectives starting with V to pepper the blog titles with alliteration?? Thankfully, there is a website for everything these days, so be prepared to be vehemently vexed over my virile use of it very soon! 

Venice was a real challenge for me fashion-wise. I knew I wanted to remember this trip of a lifetime with my best clobber, but I also needed to factor in being comfortable and walking around a lot.

I remembered I had this 70’s maxi skirt stashed in my closet that I bought from Oxfam many years ago. I’d never worn it as it was just too totally Extra for everyday life, but I knew it would be just PERFECT for Venice.

The fabric of the skirt encompasses everything I love about pattern, texture, design and indeed life. It’s colourful, iridescent, flamboyant and delightfully random in form. I love that it features scrawling love hearts, daisies and a bunch of other stuff that defies classification. Similar to Venice, it is a gift to the eyes and I was delighted to finally give it an inaugural outing.

For my top half, I opted for this burgundy velvet embroidered off-the-shoulder number which was a mere £3 in the Primark sale! As if the skirt wasn’t enough, I decided to add yet more colour, texture and detail. I figured that while I was in Venice I might as well go ‘all out’ and wear all my finery at once.

My philosophy with fashion is, if you like the way an outfit is coming together, just keep adding to it. Especially if you are in Venice, land of luxury, opulence and grandeur. I topped off my look with these gold mirrored cat-eye sunglasses that I got at Affleck’s Palace in Manchester. AND THEN...

I realised my ear lobes would look a lot more ornate if I dug into my pile of earrings that I never wear. These colourful, circular clip-ons were a master purchase from eBay - I got about 10 unusual pairs in a vintage bundle for £7.99. I decided to go hard or go home and picked the biggest pair out of the pile to accessorise my look.

It was at this point I realised I was in dangerous territory; my sartorial choices were about to tip me into the category of looking like a right dick-head. I decided to bring it back down to earth with my scruffy Converse trainers, not only to give the look a more streetwise edge, but to facilitate lots of tramping about up and down higgeldy-piggeldy streets.

The weather was glorious on our first day, but as always, I am super-practical when I go away and I slung a light spring jacket in my bag in the event of a sudden downpour.

I sighed with relief when I got a spec by the Bridge of Sighs for a photo. If you look into my specs, you can see the jostling and mayhem and I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for how touristy Venice is. I have endless patience however and am not deterred by thousands of other folks  with selfie sticks (when did these become completely normal photography apparatus by the way?)

Fresh banana is probably the best way to describe the colour of this eBay jacket, which I chose to lighten up the palette of this rather rustic- toned ensemble.

Not only did it go with my outfit, it also went with the Venetian architecture too - bonus! 

I’ll have to be honest here and admit that I did plan my travel wardrobe with Venetian paint colours in mind. There’s nothing I love more than to choreograph the perfect photo where all aspects of subject, background and composition are in joyous complementary tandem. 

Plus, if your travel partner isn’t a blogger or Instagram fiend, it saves a lot of time dragging them around looking for the ‘perfect wall’ which can get a little tiresome when they are simply trying to enjoy a nice holiday.

I felt like the bees-knees wandering around in this get-up. Despite the fact I stood out massively amongst the hoards of tourists kitted out in jeans and t-shirts, I was glad to have been true to my interpretation of what it means to venture to Venice. I was very surprised that the actual Venetians were dressed in a very low-key uneventful style too y’know. I know we aren’t in the 1500’s any more but I’d like to think if I lived there I’d waft around in my Sunday Best all week long.

That’s all for now my loves, so I’ll bid you Ciao and see you next week for another Venice blog and a vivacious day out to Verona!


Laura X


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