What’s In My Bag!

This week I’m doing something slightly different on the blog, which is letting one of my handbags take centre stage.

The arm candy in question is this little smasher from a website called Boutique of Molly. It caught my eye not only because it bears more than a passing resemblance to the Chloe Faye bag, but also because it’s about £1,250 cheaper than a Chloe Faye bag. The fact that it's pink is also a huge plus-point, as I've not seen a bag of this design in such a cute girly shade before. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm all about saving money wherever possible and this bag represents possibly the biggest saving I've made in many a moon! Until I can afford a designer bag, or become important enough for Chloe to send me one, I don't think there's anything wrong with championing the budget dupe.

A bag this mighty fine deserves to be taken to only the most special events, so I wore it to the recent launch of Liverpool's The Florist restaurant. I got a ton of compliments on it and it went beautifully with the decor!

But now onto the juicy bit, what is actually in it. I love a good 'what's in my bag' feature, mainly because I'm very nosy, but also because it's interesting to see what you can actually fit in certain sizes and types of handbag.

I'm a very practical gal, so any bag, even a 'going out' bag, has to meet certain criteria regarding interior space requirements.

I was interested to see whether this little beauty could rise to the challenge of a woman who simply cannot travel light.

The bag is quite a thin envelope style design, but within this structure, it has a surprising amount of compartments and sections. Sections are EVERYTHING in my humble opinion - who wants to be rooting around for your various possessions when you can house each item in its own designated area?

As you can see, I managed to ram a fairly decent amount of swag into this bag! First up were mine and my partner's invitations to The Florist which remained perfectly flat as they were in their own pocket. YAAAS! Next I had my phone, not pictured as I was using it to take these pics, but it's a small iphone 5 which doesn't take up much room.

Now onto some general bits and bobs. I always carry a face powder and lipstick to touch up my visage throughout the day. Also, a little known fact about me is that I'm obsessed with flossing my teeth! I literally do them every single time I've eaten as I can't bear the feeling of food stuck in my gnashers. Just above the floss, we've got the clip-on earrings I was wearing. Had to take them off after two hours though as they were hurting, but luckily I had the presence of mind to get all my outfit pics taken in them first!

Moving on, we have a Primark melon purse, keys, tissues and some painkillers. Sadly, I suffer with chronic pain so I always carry some sort of medication. These do the job and it's always good for your popularity in work to be the one who always has painkillers! Lastly, I ALWAYS carry an umbrella and would never dream of buying a handbag if I couldn't fit one in. I have naturally curly hair and it tends to frizz up like I've had an electric shock at the merest hint of bad weather.

I think I did pretty well to get all this stuff in, but the bag was definitely at maximum capacity and I was only just able to close the magnetic fastener on the front.

My overall opinion of this bag is that it's a delightful little number and a very welcome addition to my collection.

I would award it a strong 9/10 on the handbag-o-meter and if Boutique of Molly made it in other colours, I would certainly be back on there, feverishly adding them to my basket.

If you are loving this bag too and need it in your life, I have been granted the power of bloggers discount and can offer you 20% off with the code LAURAROCHE20 at the checkout on www.boutiqueofmolly.com If you don't fancy this bag, why not have a browse around Boutique of Molly anyway? They've got a rather smashing collection of other remarkably convincing designer dupes, plus a fashion range and the code applies to anything on the site!

My bag is the FLORENCE design and costs £30, so with the 20% discount you will only pay £24!! A top bargain, I think you'll agree.

Head over to www.boutiqueofmolly.com if you fancy snapping up a bargain on me! Hope you like this new style of post folks and do let me know your thoughts in the comments. Tag me in your photos too as I'd love to see how you style the bag, or anything else you've bought on Boutique of Molly. I'm on Twitter @laurajaneroche and Instagram @ladylaurajaneroche

Love Laura X

Disclaimer - This post is not sponsored, I received a 30% discount from Boutique of Molly, but paid for the bag myself. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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