What I wore to Vivienne Westwood’s Last Party on Earth

Recently, I was lucky enough to bag an invite to Vivienne Westwood’s Last Party On Earth, thanks to the generous editor at La Vida Liverpool magazine. My chum Kate and I were sent to cover the party and if you follow me on all the socials, you may have seen our article - click HERE if you missed it!

I got myself in a right pickle over what to wear though. If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a style on a budget kind of gal. I'm more likely to be found in Primarni than Armarni and I've never stepped foot in a Vivienne Westwood store in my life.

After much mental wrangling over the issue, I decided it was best to stay true to my roots and so I showed up in a Primark number which cost a mere £3 in the sale!

I figured it was important to stay 'on brand' and be authentic to the vision of my blog - although if I get rich in the future, you can be sure I'll be ditching my brand super-quick and hot-footing it to the nearest designer emporium!

I decided to casualise this shimmery bronze dress by layering it over leggings and a top. For the ultimate casualisation, I donned my black Converse. The whole ensemble made me feel like I'd made an effort but I was still 'me' and I felt super comfortable the whole night. 

Upon entering the store, I quickly realised I was wildly out of my comfort zone. There were fashionistas as far as the eye could see, a table laid with extravagant canapes and waiters serving cocktails from teapots! Everybody seemed so polished, poised and elegant, but also at ease with this high fashun environment. Small groups of eccentrically dressed party-goers were positioned strategically around the store, enjoying light chit-chat. I struggled with feeling out of my depth and heavily questioned my decision to show up in said Primark dress.

I decided the best way to deal with my rapidly developing Imposter Syndrome was to drink three cocktails in quick succession and this had an almost miraculous effect on my mood and self-esteem levels.

I found I was able to start mingling and chatting with people like they were my best mates, although this chap on the right was a bit wooden. 

Once I'd got over my own deep-rooted inadequacies, I forgot I was Laura from the council block and was able to appreciate the full impact of creative style around me. People were dressed in the most amazing, quirky ensembles that gave me lots of inspiration for future blogs.

Even the staff uniform of Viv's own checkered tartan print was super sassy and hands down better than any polyester work tabard I've ever seen. But my personal favourite source of style inspo of the night came from a band called Generation, who were tucked away at the end of the store, sipping cocktails and looking cool and shit. 

Everything about them screamed 'We Are In A Band' and so it was no surprise that when I drunkenly approached them and asked of their particulars, it turned out that they were indeed in a band. Despite looking ridiculously cool, they turned out to be a smashing bunch, very down to earth and partial to the odd giggle and self-deprecating comment. My three drinks had infused me with the confidence of an MTV host and after buttering them up with some over-zealous but genuine compliments, I questioned them about their personal style. 

It turns out they had thought of these looks completely out of their own heads and were not following any sort of genre. I admired their sass and approach to individual dressing, particularly the chiselled cheekboned lad's 'shirt wide open' look. A special mention must also go to the lassie with the band who had innovatively used a tie as a belt. Might have to try this with one of Alan's work ties. Overall, these were impressive sartorial creations and not something I had witnessed before on the streets of Liverpool. Of course, they fitted in perfectly at a Vivienne Westwood party, but what I wanted to know was 'do they go to Tesco dressed like this?' Guys, I'm sure you will be as relieved as I was to learn they DO go to Tesco dressed like this!

Mingling with up and coming bands is exhausting you know, so I took the opportunity to have a quick rest in a blue and gold chair. From there, Kate and I decided to peruse the store to see what was up with Vivienne's latest collection and see if we had enough pennies to buy anything. 

Sadly, the cheapest item in the shop was £75, which is approximately £60 over my total budget for any single item of fashun. Still, a gal can dream and I spent much time drooling over all the marvellous finery and design brilliance.

Perchance I should come into monies, these four items above are top of my wish-list. Obviously I had an idea of Vivienne's style before the party, but I didn't quite realise her designs would be right up my street and parallel with my own vision. Her quirky, whimsical and punk-esque vibe really spoke to my edgy and rather mad nature. Of all designers to begin investigating, I'm glad Vivienne came up top of the list. 

I may have had a couple more drinks, because the next thing I knew, I'd decided to recreate poses from the Vivienne Westwood catalogue right there in the store.  

I have to say, catalogue posing is not easy guys, but I think you'll agree, I did a spectacular job! 

After watching an eye-wateringly bendy contortionist, eating some snacks and interviewing manager Chris Griff, Kate and I were ready to call it a night. 

We had a totally fabulous time and hopefully, this is the first of many fashion parties I get invited to. Don't forget to head over to La Vida Liverpool HERE to read all the inside scoop on the party and find out exactly why it was the Last Party on Earth!

Love Laura X

Thanks to my pal Kate McCann for the boss photos!

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