A Trip to Titlis

After an unfeasibly long delay, I am finally blogging again! Today, I'm bringing you the third installment of my Switzerland fashion series, which culminates in a trip to the amusingly titled Mount Titlis.

Mount Titlis is a very high mountain indeed situated in the Alps. It's so high, so magnificent and so Swiss that it's very expensive to go up it. Luckily, I have a very kind and generous brother, who offered to take Alan and I up to the top of the Tit as a second engagement present. A wonderful gift, I'm sure you'll agree! I can't wait to see what we're getting for our 3rd present!

When planning a sojourn up to high altitudes involving snow, I believe it's super important to get your priorities right with clothing. The first piece of advice I can impart is to look fashionable and the second is to decide whether you want to coordinate, or contrast your look with the scenery.

I settled upon a fusion of co-ordination and contrast. The tawny hues of the stark mountainside were picked out through my leopard print blazer but the colourful dress underneath was a dramatic antithesis to the blanket of pure white snow.

The blazer is from the M&S 'Woman' range, but why would I purchase it from M&S when I could get it from Oxfam instead for £4.99?? Regular readers of my blog will know I LOVE leopard print. It's bang on-trend for autumn too, but I would argue that it's actually never gone OUT of fashion. The only conclusion I can draw from it 'coming back' is that the fashion world has run out of prints and need to recycle old ones. Which is a bit short-sighted when you think of all the exotic creatures available to nick print ideas from.

So, the sensible among you are probably wondering if I was a tad cold on a snowy mountain top in this lightweight, flimsy outer-garment. Of course I was! But sometimes looking stylish comes with a price and I'd rather freeze my tits off than wear a crap outdoorsy puffa coat. In fact, I'd rather be dead than wear some of the disgraceful mountain clobber I saw on the peaks that day.

For my dress, I opted for this Joe Brown's jersey number with an African style print. Now, Joe Brown's is a brand that's been on my radar for some considerable time. But with prices ranging from between £30-£40 for a dress, there was not a chance in hell I was ever going to buy one outright. I knew if I hung around the chazzas long enough I'd spot one. Lo and behold, this little beauty appeared in Oxfam for £4.99, the same day I sourced the leopard print blazer. I love the bold colour contrast and the fact its super-thick stretchy cotton. Regular readers will know I NEVER iron anything, even less so when I'm travelling, so this was super easy to throw into my hand-luggage and chuck on without it looking crumpled.

To protect against gusts of wind and unshaved legs causing offence, I wore these Primark navy leggings. At £2.50 a pop, Primark leggings are the gold-standard of wardrobe basics. They're decent quality, true to size and don't go baggy around the knees. They're also robust in construction and have a super 'tummy control' ability, for those like me, whose stomachs tend to do their own thing and get a little wayward at times.

As you can see from these pics, the Swiss Alps are stunning, they are an outstanding natural feature of the world, breathtaking in their splendour. I knew I'd have to work hard to avoid being eclipsed by such a majestic rugged backdrop, steeped in rich natural beauty. Nothing other than a bold print, a strong pose and a sassy sidelong glance would do. I was not afraid to take on this bold landscape with my powerful ensemble. I own my contribution to this scene and I think I’ve even made the Alps look slightly better.

Footwear-wise, I decided to continue with the not very sensible theme of my Alps trip and donned these £6 Primark Vans dupes. Yes, you heard me right, SIX POUNDS!!! I'm going to go out on a limb here (like the trainers did) and say these are one of the best items I've ever bought. They are absolutely remarkable. I have real bad trouble with shoes rubbing, but these were perfectly comfortable the instant I slid them onto my troublesome trotters. They survived walking around Switzerland for two days in the searing heat, plus, they performed spectacularly on the challenging Tit trip. They came out of my adventure completely unscathed and begging for more. I cannot recommend them highly enough and have been investigating Primark's other trainer selection to see if they too measure up.

To complete my feet, I wore some £1 Primark fishnet ankle socks. They are a wee bit drafty up in high altitude, but they look the shizz, so that's the main thing! Who cares about cold ankles when your sock game is this strong??

Now let's talk sunglasses. It's very important to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. However, it's doubly important that the furniture you adorn your face with is super-trendy and delivers the funk factor. This summer, I've been loving the bones of these tinted aviator specs from Primark. I've got them in pink too and they add the perfect amount of pizzazz to any outfit. Plus, they have excellent functionality. They are very light and comfortable, and can withstand carelessly being thrown in and out of a handbag. While we're on my head, I'll also just mention that my headband is also a Primark special. It covers all my key requirements of a hair accessory, the main one being taming unwashed wild locks and making them look vaguely presentable.

So that my friends, is my finished look! If you don't mind being a bit cold, I can highly recommend something similar if you're planning on taking a mountain-top trip anytime soon.

Now then, I'm going to introduce a new feature to my blogs which is 'total cost of my outfit.'

I love totting up exactly how much I haven't spent and basking in the glory of my thriftiness and I hope you'll enjoy reading about my savings too. This here ensemble breaks down as follows;

Blazer £4.99

Dress £4.99

Leggings £2.50

Trainers £6.00

Socks £1.00

Sunglasses £1.00

Headband £1.00

Total outfit cost = £21.48 - I think you'll agree, this is pretty spectacular! And so endeth this post; for your visual pleasure, here's some extra gratuitous shots of beautiful Swiss Alps to feast on. I know they’re not as exciting as the pics with me in, but I think something can be gained from them nonetheless.

Tune in next time to see what I wore on a trip to London recently. I went in the middle of the UK's most extreme heatwave, so it was possibly my biggest packing challenge to date!

Love Laura X

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