Fashion and Ferrets!

This summer, Alan and I took a trip to London to see my top pal Jeni. Now, summer in London can be a sweaty beast at the best of times, but unluckily for us, a major heatwave was due to hit the exact second we arrived.

I'm no good at major heatwaves, in fact, I struggle with anything over 20 degrees. So it was with great dismay I watched the forecast shoot up to over 35 degrees while we were there. I'd packed for summer, but not acrid Sahara desert style conditions and as we're all friends here, I can tell you that I ended up sweating in crevices I never even knew I had. Even my expensive deodorant stick couldn't cope, although to be fair, it probably wasn't intended for the body parts I applied it to.

However, we were there to see Jeni and have a damn good time, perspiring body parts or not. So when Jeni suggested we take a tip to Walthamstow City farm, we were like HELL YEAH!

For my farm foray, I opted to wear this navy floral linen dress I got new from Ebay for a crisp tenner. Regular readers of the blog will notice that this is the first time I've EVER got my legs out in the whole 18 months I've been doing the blog!! The searing heat was so oppressive that I think I'd have died if I'd tried to stick leggings on underneath. I really wanted to though. It doesn't come naturally for me to have a drafty undercarriage. I hope I haven't crossed the line and caused any offence with the eroticism of this shot. I realise it's pure filth and may I suggest you lie down and loosen your corsets if you've found yourself coming over all unnecessary.

For my jewellery, I kept it real simple with this green murano glass ring I bought whilst in Venice recently. I love the gold flecks running through it, although I wasn't so keen on the perspiration that also began to run through it as the day wore on. 

My sunglasses are the Primark aviators that I've worn in pretty much every summer blog this year and I tied in this pink floral theme of my look with a vintage headscarf.

We had a grand old time at the farm. Even though I'm not a duck, I  tried to enter a doorway that said 'Ducks Only.' It struck me as rather stupid notice because ducks can't read. Also, it's way too high up for a duck to see from its low-level vantage point. Another criticism of this doorway is that it has a handle. The last time I looked, ducks don't have hands so how would they open it? Surely some kind of duck flap would have been more appropriate? Sadly, it was locked, so I had to get my duck fix by watching them through the wire gate instead. 

We enjoyed all the usual types of farm animals one can expect to see on a farm, but I was intrigued to spot a little enclosure on its own with a sign saying 'MY NAME IS MARMITE'. I headed over expectantly to see what kind of animal Marmite was and I couldn't help but wonder, 'would I love or hate Marmite?'

Well. it was love at first ferret!! As soon as I clapped eyes on that little twisty, fluffy little floof, I was obsessed. I asked one of the rangers if I could hold her and the next thing, she was plopped into my arms where she sat like a lovely little long baby. A slightly wriggly, inquisitive baby, but she was happy to be picked up and obviously used to human contact.

At that moment, I knew I was ready to be a Ferret Mom. I couldn't help but wonder why I'd never held one before because it felt like the most natural thing in the world. My maternal instincts kicked in and I knew this was what was missing in my life. This was also proven by a recent blood test which showed I had low ferritin levels, LOL!

Perhaps I went a little too far by giving Marmite a kiss, but she was just so cute and contrary to popular ferret beliefs, did not smell in the slightest. The kiss was one of the best I've ever had from man or beast. She was a lot less whiskery than some of my ex-boyfriends too.

When I came back from this trip, I undertook extensive research into the keeping of ferrets but realised it just wouldn't be possible to keep one in a small house. They're better in twos and although I'd have the time, patience and commitment to give them attention they need, I'd hate for them to not have enough space to run around in. Maybe one day folks, but for now I have my Marmite memories to keep me going. She stole a piece of my heart that day and I still think about her and wonder what she's up to.

To finish up the final details of my look, I'm sporting the Primark handbag I've worn almost constantly since I got it last Christmas and the sandals I've been rocking for THREE summers on the run now. Sadly, I've been forced to admit that this is probably their swansong; it's time for them to die gracefully into the bin and for me to move forwards into footwear pastures new. Which should be exciting, but as I mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of trouble finding shoes (especially sandals) that don't rub. Ah well, that's next summer's problem. I read a great self-help book that said you should never borrow tomorrow's worries and it's true you know.

So let's do some adding up and see what the cost of my outfit came to!

Dress £10 - Ebay

Sandals £10 - St.John's market

Bag £10 - Primark 

Sunglasses - £1 Primark

Headscarf - £1 Oxfam

Ring - £5 Venice gift shop

Total cost of outfit: £37.00 

Bloody hell, that's pricey for me! But still good value in the normal world I guess.

Tune in next time to see what else I wore in London - thankfully the temperature dropped by 10 degrees on the last day so I could put my legs back under wraps! 

Love Laura X

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