Culottes and the Cutty Sark

By the end of my trip to London, I was really struggling with the heatwave and was ready to sit in a bath of ice cubes for the foreseeable future. Can I give you a piece of advice which is to never travel on the Central line in 35 degrees unless you want to confront your own mortality head-on? I honestly thought that journey was going to be the end of me. Thankfully, I survived to tell the tale and it was with great relief I watched the mercury drop to 25 degrees on my final day. Even though that's still far too bloody hot, it was a pleasant change to feel like a well-done steak instead of a fully cremated corpse.

On the last day, I fancied going somewhere I'd never been before, so Jeni and Alan suggested Greenwich, which is home to a market and also a very famous boat called the Cutty Sark.

For my day of gadding about Greenwich, I opted to wear this rather smashing Primark polka-dot culotte jumpsuit with ruffle hem detail.  I love a jumpsuit, although I've always wondered why they are called jumpsuits when people rarely jump about in them. To satisfy my curiosity, I have Googled jumpsuits and found that they were originally worn by parachuters before the fashion industry got hold of them. However, according to Wikipedia, unless the jumpsuit has a 'drop seat', it is necessary to fully remove it for bathroom purposes. Mine does not have a drop seat, but fully removing it for bathroom purposes is a small price to pay for a trendy piece of kit like this. 

I would go as far as declaring this to be the perfect jumpsuit and these are my reasons herein: 

  • Zip at the back for ease of bathroom purposes

  • Lightweight material, perfect for searing summer temperatures

  • Dark colour excellent for disguising areas of wanton flabbiness

  • Long body construction reduces the risk of 'camel toe' situations

  • Ruffles - what's not to love?

  • Polka dots - what's not to love?

The Cutty Sark complemented my rather nautical looking H&M striped top perfectly, although I'll have to be honest and say this is as near as I got to this very fancy boat. With it being a main attraction of the London variety, it was a tad pricey to get up close and personal. I'm sure you're all aware by now that if I have any spare money knocking about, my priorities are NOT centred around seafaring vessels, even if they do have historical values. If anyone is interested, my priorities are as follows:

  • Charity shops

  • Bargains

  • Jumble sales

  • Primark

  • Cake

  • Shopping

  • Cute fluffy animals

  • Fashion

  • Ferrets

  • Napping

What are some of your priorities? Do let me know in the comments.

Here's the pink aviator sunglasses again  too, because you can never have too much of a good thing. Plus, if something is good once, it's good a thousand times. I think these sunnies should be an attraction of their own with a hefty price tag to view. They've been with me on so many adventures, seen so much through their rose tinted glass. I can verify that the world is definitely better through rose tinted spectacles. But, for anyone who's sick of the sight of them, don't worry. I purchased two new pairs from Greenwich market and these will be getting air time over the next few blogs. 

For the 80 billionth time, I'm wearing the same black diamante sandals I always wear. This is because I like them, they are comfortable and it is good for the environment to use the stuff you have and not constantly buy new stuff. In this instance, I have recycled these trotter covers to the point of absolute extinction. At the end of summer, they practically disintegrated and were no longer a functioning or sanitary item of footwear. I must admit I was a little emotional after I lashed them in the bin. I'm a very silly and nostalgic person at times and even though it's highly illogical, I do get emotionally attached to inanimate objects like shoes. As we're all friends here, I can tell you that even after Alan took our rubbish to the big wheelie bins, I felt a little mournful and sad. I pondered going for a root around to retrieve them. But I was strong and grown-up and resisted the urge to delve into the garbage bags. 

For those who are sick of the sight of them, this will surely come as a welcome relief. But if like me, you miss them already, panic ye not! There's a good few summer blogs still backed up in the archives and so we'll be seeing them again next week.

On that note, I shall bid you farewell and get cracking on my next offering which is brought to you from whimsical (and very windy) Whitby!

Take care poppets and see you next week,

Love Laura X

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