She's A Rainbow

What could be better on a rainy. miserable day than seeing a rainbow? Of course, the chances of spotting one in the Northern Hemisphere right now are slim to none, so I've helpfully provided the next best thing - tons of photos of me prancing about in rainbow stripes! 

2018 was the year the fashion industry jumped aboard the rainbow trend. By Spring, everyone was walking around looking like an arch of colours visible in the sky caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun's light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere. It was a trend I was more than happy to tag along with, so I headed to my local Primark to get stocked up on some stripy good vibes. 

As soon as I clapped eyes on this gay, kaleidoscopic jumper, I thought, 'MINE!' When I saw it was a mere £8 I thought, 'AYE CARUMBA, EVEN MORE MINE!'

You may be surprised to hear I've never worn rainbow apparel before. I never felt like it would complement my soul, which is a sort of ashen charcoal colour. But I was interested to see whether it would make me feel less dead inside to swan around in a brave display of multi-hued threads.

It got a smashing reaction from Alan who declared it was the best jumper I'd ever worn! That cheered me up right off the bat, so I was already off to a great start with feeling happier.

Interestingly, I noted that when I stepped foot outside, the general population seemed to be reacting favourably to my prismatic garb; I was getting smiles left, right and centre! I felt like a rainbow personified and it was giving me LIFE!

As my upper body was so colourful, I decided to opt for something a little more muted in the leg department to avoid looking like an explosion in a paint factory. These delightful polka dot trews I got from The British Heart Foundation have been a wonderful addition to the old closet. Originally from Primark, they ended up getting lashed in the chazza with lots of wear still available in them. My favourite thing about them is they don't need ironing and I'm not even ashamed to say that. 

I was in Whitby when these photos were taken, so I was already in quite a gay old state of mind. Adding the rainbow jumper into the mix made me positively euphoric, as you can see from this picture of me posing with wild abandon.

As luck would have it, I had a rainbow necklace which complemented the top perfectly. It was a perfect price too; 49p from the Mind Charity chazza. If only all jewellery was 49p the world would be a rainbow every day. 

You've probably noticed that my belt bears more than a passing resemblance to the infamous Gucci creation that the world and his whippet has been wearing this year. However, in the absence of several hundred pounds to throw away on a belt, I opted to get a dupe from good old Primark. I think all belts hold your pants up in pretty much the same way, so no need to spend a fortune in my humble opinion. I must admit, I don't understand spending a fortune on belts, or on anything to be honest. Out of interest, I checked the Gucci website expecting to see that their belt buckles are sold gold and imagine my surprise when I discovered they are not!! 

Footwear-wise, the Primark pretend Vans are still going strong. Best six pounds I've ever spent! I've just bought them in yellow too. Love them. If you haven't seen my earlier blog posts, they have survived many feats of endurance that would have seen off a lesser shoe. If only they made them in a rainbow design!

I'm still big on hats as you can see. Something else that's also big is my head. This is the only hat that fits me properly because H&M were sensible enough to make it in different sizes.  My head is a 'large' which is a little disappointing, although I should be glad it's not extra-large or double XXL or the size of the moon. 

To conclude, I can summise that wearing a rainbow top with a rainbow necklace definitely improved my mood and overall outlook on life. This correlates with study carried out by the Board of Findings (Roche, L. 2018) which showed that although clothing alone cannot cure a soul defeated by life, it can certainly give you a boost and take the edge off any misery you may have woken up with that day.

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