Nice is nice!

Bonjour my little petit pois, I hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter. Mine was spent in the super-glamorous location of Nice with Alan. It was my first trip to the French Riviera and it will definitely not be my last. Not just because it's tres bien in every way, but because Al's friends live there and they have kindly invited us back anytime we fancy it!

I'll be honest and admit I didn't have a clue what to wear on this trip. I even asked advice from several people which is something I never feel the need to do. I'm happy to sing to my own tune and I don't even care if I'm off-key, out of tune or even just miming. But starting a fashion blog has been like creating a monster in many ways. A very lovely and welcome monster, but a monster that needs constant attention, feeding and nurturing. The days of throwing vaguely weather appropriate clothing into a suitcase have gone. The monster growls and demands that my style game is upped to the next level at every opportunity with bigger, better and more flamboyant outfits on every trip. After weeks of agonising, I realised I was going to have to whack the monster over the head with a big fat club to shut it up. I started doing a fashion blog for a bit of fun and creating monsters was absolutely not in the brief. I decided that for simplicity's sake and lower stress levels, I would just carry on looking like me, but with a slight je ne sais quoi . I was much calmer after this mental shift and also relieved that I didn't have to try and fit any floppy hats, strings of onions or stick-on handlebar moustaches into my case.

Also, I was only taking hand-luggage and had no intention whatsoever of doing any ironing on this trip, so all my clothes needed to be fully squashable and made from indestructible fabrics that are instantly restored to their original shape upon arrival.

Take this Primark dress for example. Although it looks like it would crumple under a hard stare, it's actually beautifully robust and rolled up nicely into the tiniest ball of fabric. I can highly recommend it as a holiday dress as it's light and diaphanous without being sheer enough to see your smalls. Or bigs in my case. A word of caution though, the front is designed in a wrap formation, so any privacy you may have gained from the material density is quickly lost in wild weather. I do wish clothing manufacturers would test their clothing in a wind tunnel before declaring it suitable for human consumption. Not everyone is happy to do a Marilyn Monroe during inclement weather and it wouldn't take much to sew in a couple of press-studs on the seams. I opted to wear leggings underneath to preserve my modesty and my bigs. This proved to not only be a useful safety precaution, but a necessary defence against the deceptively chilly Easter breeze wafting around on the Cote D'Azur.

I'm so glad that chunky trainers are in fashion right now because when you're away sightseeing, they are the absolute perfect footwear. You know how much I'm always raving about Primark trainers, but these ones are my favourite yet. £13 pounds of lovely squashy comfortable goodness that don't rub on long walks, what more could you ask for from cheap trainers? Combined with the floaty dress I thought they created an interesting juxtaposition of feminine sports luxe. Also, they have stayed white for the whole two months I've had them, despite the trip to France which involved cavorting around gardens and clambering onto diving boards.

For my accessories, I decided to stick with my new favourite Primark hexagon sunnies from the last blog and I also added a pair of Primark dangly earrings, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing head-to-toe from one shop.

The earrings were a fantastic bargain at £1 in the sale and let me tell you a little secret here for those of you who like me, had their ears pierced years ago, but then had to let the holes close up due to constant infections. The doctors words were, "You'll always have scabby ears if you carry on wearing that cheap shit love", or something like that.

I thought my choices were to get my ears re-pierced, only wear gold/silver or wear clip-ons, but some clever soul has created earring converters to enable us sensitive skinned folk to wear any earrings we please! I got a pack of 4 for £5 from eBay and you simply attach them to an earring and then clip them onto your ears. Et voila, the world of earrings in its entirety is now back open to me and I can wear any cheap shit I like without getting scabby!

It's funny though, I thought this floaty dress screamed France, but when I got there, I realised that no-one else was dressed like me at all. The French women I spotted were all dressed in quite a chic, simple style, with many of them sporting a jeans and t-shirt combo. Perhaps this is because Primarks are few and far between, or maybe it's because they have realised that fashion can be a right bloody chore and as long as you have clothes on, the job is done? Maybe they are just lazy? Who knows, but it was nice to be the only one for thousands of miles wearing this dress. In Liverpool and indeed the UK and indeed the entire online community, this dress is more common than beans on toast. That's OK, but if like me, you prefer not to look beans on toasty, the only option is to go somewhere else and try to create a frog's legs on toast look instead.

I couldn't have asked for a better location backdrop for my photos, because Alan's friends live right on the Cap d'Antibes, which looks out over the bay of Nice. The views, as you can see are truly stunning and I was stood aghast with a gaping maw at the beauty of the landscape before me. I could have honestly stayed and looked at the view for the whole trip, but there was so much to see and do that we'll just have to arrange another trip just to sit by the pool instead. It's a vista I was happy to be upstaged by and the glorious sunny day is one I'll remember forever.

I hope you'll agree that I looked nice in Nice and that Nice looked nice too! I honestly think Nice could do with upgrading itself to reflect it's magnificence better you know. It could easily get away with being called Quite Nice, Very Nice, or even Extremely Nice. It just shows, you that even stunning locations can suffer from low self-esteem!

Tune in next time to see what I got up to on the next leg of my French sojourn!

Love Laura X

Many thanks to Geddie, Sam, Oscar and Bella for having us to stay and looking after us so well!

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