Mooching around Monaco

Monaco. Home to the Grand Prix, giant yachts, high-end gambling and tax dodgers. The latter, to be fair are legally tax haven protected and you too could do some dodging if you reside there for six months and one day each year!

Alan and I were strongly considering relocating for six months and one day when we disembarked the train from Nice and set foot in the majestic and tremendous harbour. Lots of the yachts had casual staff vacancy signs on saying 'leave your CV here' and it seemed a most tempting prospect to just toss our lives aside and begin a new chapter on the ocean wave. 

If I didn't suffer from seasickness, it would definitely be happening. Instead, I made do with an afternoon cavorting in the rich people's playground and seeing what Monaco had to offer.

It was raining the day we went, which was rather unfortunate and I had forgotten my plastic mac which was even more unfortunate. Fortunately however, I am a fashion blogger and plastic macs are seriously not on-brand so are best kept away from a glam shoot in an exotic location.

For our day, I debuted a new, second-hand jumpsuit of the Cameo Rose persuasion that I recently purchased at the BHF charity shop. It was priced at £9.99, which is simply outrageous for an item of second-hand clothing, but do you know what, it is so quintessentially me that I thought, 'fook it!' From the dark floral print, to the flattering cut, it was just me in jumpsuit form, so I threw caution to the wind and shelled out a proper amount of cash for it. 

It did cross my mind to visit one of Monaco's luxury casinos to win some big bucks back, but they were charging £20 to even enter! Think of all the chazza bargains I could get for that! We settled for simply using the casino toilets instead and taking a welcome break from one of the many downpours. 

The jumpsuit didn't need much in the way of accoutrements, but I had this new red belt from Primark which desperately needed an outing. I love the striped rainbow buckle and for six quid, you really can't go wrong.

Back by popular demand from myself, are these trainers, also from Primark. Whoever decided that trainers should be in fashion as mainstream footwear is a goddam genius. You can go about your holiday marauding in complete comfort, whilst still looking bang on trend. Even a white pair like these are super-practical because they seem to be made from a block of pure plastic. Nothing can defeat them. Even the remnants of a soggy day in Monaco simply wiped clean. The thicker the trainer, the better in my opinion because it is like walking on memory foam mattresses. 

For my other accessories, I went for a pair of clip-on 80's earrings I bought from ebay These were teamed with sunnies from Camden Market and a headband, also from ebay. 

I get a few questions about my ring from time to time, so I might as well give you all the details here. This is actually my engagement ring and its an antique amethyst set in silver. Its from a little boutique jewellers inside the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool and was handmade by a local designer. I know it's not your average engagement ring, but I am not your average person! You probably know that already. I looked in every jewellers I could find as well as searching online, but couldn't find anything that piqued my interest. I specifically wanted something a little different and all the rings I saw just seemed boring and the type of thing you see everyone wearing. I'm not really a blingy type of girl either and I just didn't feel right in a sparkly ring. I did consider a vintage ring, but I'm a bit superstitious and didn't want it to come with any 'history'. I don't want to wear a ring that's been on anyone else's finger for such an important reason. Plus, if a ring has appeared in a vintage shop I can only assume its owner is now dead or divorced and how am I meant to start a happy relationship with these negative vibes infiltrating my finger?

That was a bit of a long-winded explanation, but at least it explains why Al popped the question with a big purple rock! The moral of the story is, you can have anything you want for an engagement ring. Even the ring pull from a can of Coke. It's your life and you're the boss of it!

But back to Monaco. It's a truly fabulous place as you can see from the pics. Let me give you a tip about dining out though. Don't assume that you can afford to eat anywhere because you have checked the menu and the prices didn't seem that bad. Please remember that 'Club Prive' means 'Private Members Club' in French, otherwise you'll find a massive surcharge slapped on your meal when the bill comes. Just like Alan and I found after we had spent a good 15 minutes dissecting the mysterious extra 20 Euros on our bill with the waitress, who then pointed at the sign on the wall! 

Oh well, we know for next time and it was lovely looking out at the rich people on their yachts whilst scoffing our expensive French scran.

And then it started properly chucking it down. The heavens opened and spewed their soggy contents onto our heads. I was not prepared to come out from under my brolly to be pictured, but here's some bonus pics in case you're bored of my outfit now and need something else to look at.

To sum up. Monaco is alright you know. It's a box that Alan and I were glad to have ticked on our holiday list, but I don't know if I'd ever need to go again. We have our fridge magnet to add to our collection to prove we've been and that's enough. I'm glad I wasn't there when the Grand Prix was on as that would have been horrific. I'd prefer it more if it had a few charity shops and a car boot sale. But it's resplendent to look at and if you're impressed by massive yachts and luxury gambling facilities, you'll be living your best life.

Love Laura X 

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