Lunch at Ruthin Castle

One of the many reasons I knew Alan was a keeper, is that he's totally up for driving for ages to some mad random location so he can treat me to a slap-up feed. Lunch at Ruthin Castle has become a regular fixture in our December calendar and it's a treat I look forward to every year.

For the occasion, I decided to crack out this dress I've been saving for 'something special.' It's a H&M number, except I got it from the Red Cross chazza because I am all about that thrifty life. If ever there was a dress that screamed 'ME!' it is this charming specimen. I live for clothing that is floral, ruffley, floaty, whimsical and feminine. Also I love outfits that complement my location and I don't care how lame that makes me sound. It's something all fashion bloggers get a kick out of, I'm just saying what we're all thinking!

I was living my best life that day in my brown dress next to a brown castle. If only there'd been a brown horse I could have stood next to, but you can't have everything. I always wanted a brown horse when I was a kid you know and I wanted to call it brown beauty.

The observant amongst you may have noticed that I wore a brown floral dress in my last blog. I wondered about posting two brown dresses on the run, but then I realised there's no such thing as too many brown dresses. I realised that if people find it painful to look at two brown dresses in two weeks then they can always cover their eyes. It's important to be true to yourself in this blogging lark - there are no rules and if you want to wear variations of the same dress for all eternity, then you should bloody well go ahead and do it.

I'll just take a second to let you recover from the fact that I don't have on my £6 Primark pretend Vans this week. Lord knows, I was tempted folks, but even I know that a trip to a Castle requires slightly more upmarket footwear. Please give a big hand to these delightful brown woven tassled ankle boots from the ASOS website of wonder. I don't go on ASOS very often in case I get lost for days. I don't understand how they can have 730 different types of everything, but in the interests of anthropological research, I always feel compelled to study absolutely all 730 types of everything. As I am weak willed and lily livered, I restrict my ASOS visits to twice a year in the sale, otherwise I'd end up with a basket full of 730 kinds of shite.

I got these boots three years ago but they are still in mint condition, largely due to the fact I hardly ever wear them. They mostly spend their days relaxing under piles of £6 trainers from Primark, but I thought it time they enjoyed a renaissance.

I'm really glad I unearthed them from hibernation for the day as they made my outfit feel so much more fancy. There's something about wearing a heeled boot that makes me feel like I've got my shit together. Plus, the added bonus with these is that they're not too high, so I can still walk in them without looking like a constipated ostrich.

To keep my hair off my face, I added these two leopard print hair clips I'd just picked up at the Quarters sale for 49p. If you haven't heard of Quarters, it's an accessories shop in Liverpool that's rammed full of pure shite, with the occasional gem peeking out like a lighthouse in a storm. If you don't mind wading through plastic flower bobbles, diamante crucifixes and scarves as thin as single-ply bog roll, you can find yourself with some pretty nifty bargains.

My necklaces are the same mix of Primark and Barnardos finds that I wore in the last blog, which I donned not only because they went with my outfit, but also because I'd made the effort to untangle them and didn't want that to go to waste.

Now, you're probably thinking I could have someone's eye out with this ring and you're right, I could. And probably their other eye too It‘s just as massive in real life as it is on the page, but for 50p, I thought I'd have a bash at this statement finger furniture. Someone not in their right mind had foolishly donated this corker to the Mossley Hill Church Christmas Fair, whereupon I snapped it up pronto. I heart the MHCCF more than chazzas and Primark. Alan and I go every year and we've even made up a song about it, we love it that much:

"It's the Mossley Hill Christmas Fair!

Laura and Al will be there

In the queue

Well before two

Laura and Al know what to do!"

We sing it to ourselves before we go and this is one of the many reasons why we are perfect for each other. because we are both such dreadful buffoons. This ring is one of many excellent fashion buys I scored at the fair this year and I was delighted with how it complemented my outfit. Plus, let's not forget it will double-up as a useful weapon if I ever get attacked in town.

For my outerwear, I opted for this cream teddy coat I got at Primark. It is faux teddy, because I absolutely would never wear real teddy fur. It's like being clad in a lamb, except without the hassle of the bleating.

Al surprised me with this lovely robin brooch before we set off for lunch, he was going to give it me for Christmas but thought I might want to wear it to Ruthin. Robins are my favourite bird, although contrary to popular belief, I don't agree that they are the spirit of dead relatives. They're just robins. I think it's important to require some sort of proof in these situations, despite what Facebook memes would have us believe. Although I did see a pigeon once that was the spit of my dead Auntie Mary. Anyway, my robin brooch rested perfectly on its bed of white snowy coat fluff.

It was the perfect day out, only marred by the fact that we were too late for the Ruthin chazzas. They shut right early in Welsh Wales, but perhaps I need to learn that not every day needs to end up with a bag of second-hand goods.

Tune in next time to see whether I'm wearing a brown dress or not! Even I don't know, it's so exciting!!

Love Laura X

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